DIY Barnwood Headboard

Well, I am going to continue the DIY streak today with a glimpse at our new headboard!

I will be totally honest, I literally did none of the heavy lifting for this project. Tommy and I came up with the idea, and pitched it to my parents, who are huge DIYers/refurbishers/painters etc. They even have their own sort of side business, if you live in Illinois. They are so talented!

Anyway, Tommy and I knew we wanted a huge revamping of our bedroom. We moved in together just over a year ago, and we spent most of that year focusing on the downstairs and really transforming it to suit our style. That meant the master bedroom got pushed to the side and a year after moving in it still looked like this.....

*Please excuse the unmade bed and poor iPhone quality pictures. 

Our whole house was painted this horrible tan color in a cheap matte finish which showed every drop or scratch that touched the wall, and it was NOT pretty. We convinced my parents to come up for a weekend to paint the living room/dining room, which are now a beautiful white! We also wanted to redo the bedroom. Tommy lets me do pretty much whatever I want to the house. All he wanted was a navy bedroom. At first I was violently against it, because I love all things neutral and white and bright, but eventually went along with it because really, was it that big of a request? Plus I figured if I hated it at some point we could just repaint and it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

This post is about our new headboard, but side note....the navy bedroom is the most amazing thing ever! It is so dark at night but we have skylights and a HUGE window so still bright during the day, and it totally makes it feel almost like a fancy hotel or something. I love it and we will certainly not be painting it ever!

Anyway, we had seen a lot of wooden headboards on Pinterest and wanted to do one of our own. My grandparents live on a farm and have a barn, and also a ton of boards from an old barn that got torn down. So, we nabbed a few boards we liked and when my parents got a free weekend, constructed the most amazing headboard ever :)

While I will totally admit to not doing any of the actual labor behind this, I will say the process wasn't complicated, just took a little time. Actually, it didn't even really take that long. I would say about an hour from start to finish. 

First, we figured out where the center of the headboard needed to be. Next, we decided on a width measurement of the boards. We ended up measuring our Queen bed and adding 4 inches (2 inches of overhang on each side), which was perfect. Then my dad and Tommy measured and cut the boards. I insisted on having a few "puzzle pieced" together on the wall to achieve the look I was going for, so they split a few and then just pieces them together and measured out the pieces they needed to complete the full length. Tommy also got to use a nail gun for the first time, which was fun for everyone.

The trickiest part was once they got to the angled ceiling, but really that was more tricky for me trying to figure out how my dad was deciding to make cuts in the boards. He is a carpenter and he measured and cut each piece perfectly fitting! And the finished product...

So the master bedroom is finishing up being pieced together! I painted a chair I already had and reupholstered it with while velvet, painted a turquoise dresser white, and got three pieces of white french provincial furniture. The navy and wood contrasted with the formal pieces creates a really neat look in the room. A few pieces need new hardware and one nightstand still needs painting. We also need lamps and I am working on decor for the walls (hello empty picture frame gallery wall!) but it is in a much better spot than it was a month ago. Now I LOVE going upstairs and lounging in our room....it feels like a specialty boutique with the navy and the wooden headboard. 

Would you ever try a wooden headboard attached to the wall?