DIY Sugar Scrub

Lately I've been addicted to making my life a little more luxurious. You know, extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense (or that's how Webster's defines it). Except, I don't necessarily have a lot of expense. I'm a teacher, not a football player or something.....

So a friend of mine introduced me to this amazing podcast/blog that has completely transformed my thinking on everyday tasks (thanks Genevieve!). The podcast is called The Simple Sophisticate, and it's based off of author Shannon Ables' blog, The Simply Luxurious Life. Her blog and podcast are all about living your best life through simple, everyday luxurious, focusing on quality over quantity, and  being content with where you are in life. You should definitely check it out <--------- 

Anyhow, listening to a few of her podcasts really got me thinking about my everyday life.
I get up at 5 AM and am out the door at 5:40 to head to work. I get to school around 7 AM if I'm lucky, sometimes more like 7:30. I am at school until 4/4:30, depending on the day, and then I have a two hour commute back home. I've really been struggling with my schedule since I started at this school, and there have definitely been some difficult days. What I started realizing, though, was that I needed to make my everyday tasks something to be enjoyed so that I could be happy.

Enter: sugar scrubs. Or rather, enter: my new bed routine.
I'll confess, up until the last month or so, showering was mostly just a hassle to me. I had to fit it in the last 15 minutes before I hopped in bed at night and it was nuisance, a necessarily evil. However, I have fully dedicated myself to a nighttime routine that I truly look forward to. On my drive home, if I get frustrated in traffic, I can focus on getting to do my bed routine and it cheers me up. One day soon I'll share that routine, but for now, all you need to know is that lavender sugar scrubs are a part of it :)

Sugar scrubs are SUPER easy to make and are so delightful! They smell great and leave your skin feeling like silk afterward. They are so fun to make and put in little jars in your bathroom. Here is the recipe I have been using:


DIY Sugar Scrub
1 portion sugar
1/2 portion oil
Essential oils
Flower buds

My specific recipe:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
A few drops of lavender essential oil
Dried lavender buds

Using this in the shower feels luxurious and I love the smell of lavender anyway. This is one simple idea to make an everyday task more enjoyable, that doesn't cost anything! There are many variations; you can use any essential oil, and you can eliminate flower buds if you don't have them. You can use almond oil or coconut oil, and you can even substitute the sugar for epsom salts. You create what you would enjoy the most, and then go enjoy it :)

Have you ever made a sugar scrub? Do you have any tips on making my everyday life more enjoyable and luxurious? Please share below!


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