What I Ate Wednesday: Illinois Edition

Well. I can't remember the last time I did a WIAW post! I miss those posts a lot...I also miss Marvelous In My Monday. I'm definitely a roundup kind of person, especially when it comes to blogging :)

My vegetarian project is still in full swing here in Illinois/Missouri. I am now almost 4 weeks without meat! I still continue to feel pretty great :) I haven't even really missed it very much. I'm wondering if I'll have a horrible craving at some point or if it will even matter. I feel like there are so many different alternatives and so many good vegan/veg options out there that it's possible I'll be just fine and not miss it that much at all. I've recently become obsessed with Oh She Glows and am planning on making a couple of her recipes next week!

So, here are some eats from my time with my parents/sister. My parents are into eating healthier too and are supportive of it. I don't think they're crazy about me not eating meat but after the initial conversation it hasn't been in discussion at all so that's good too! 

Lots of breakfast foods here! I've been loving this apple omelet lately...it's a change up from my regular veggie omelet. Also, a torn up slice of my mom's homemade wheat bread with almond butter.

Eggs, fruit, and chai tea for a rainy afternoon. My mom bought two watermelons from the grocery store that ended up being probably the best and juiciest watermelon I've ever eaten...can't get enough!

My sister and I made this cauliflower alfredo sauce last night (with peas!) and it was soooo good. The main base ingredient is cauliflower (obvs) so it's got that creamy texture without all of the fat that comes in white sauce. It was delicious.

And this berry smoothie! Pineapple, mango, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, protein powder, almond milk.

Ahhhhh....and dessert.....peanut butter, chocolate, banana quesadillas. Recipe to come soon...well I guess you know all of the ingredients but the technique can be a little tricky. This was my very first attempt and you can see how messy it can get :)

Can I just say I'm glad summer is in full swing again so I can be the smoothie queen??? Smoothies are great all the time but definitely more satisfying and comforting in the summer! I've been eating at least one every day (maybe two sometimes...don't judge me!) They have been my go-to for the last few weeks.

What food can you not get enough of lately?


  1. oh she glows is amazing! She lives just outside Toronto and I'm considering sitting in the whole foods in Oakville (where she lives) waiting till she does her grocery shopping. Is that creepy? Whatevs lol

  2. Those quesadillas looked so amazing, Paige :D

  3. Mmmmm peas. That pea Alfredo sauce looks really good! Now i just may have to go make myself some pasta :)

  4. Oh my gosh your food looks so good! I'm so glad your veg eating is going well! I love following you on this journey!

  5. Ah yes I am a smoothie queen as well! Your food looks so yummy Paige!! I'm so glad to hear that you've been feeling great since going veg. I'm all for people following a diet that satisfies their own individual needs and cravings, but I certainly can't help but get excited when someone stops eating meat & joins me on the veg side! ;-) -- Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness