Guest Post: Lora's Beginner Yogi Guide

Happy Hump Day! Today's guest post is from Lora at Daily Southern Sunshine with a few tips for beginner yogis! You can say hi to Lora on Twiter, Facebook, or her blog! 

Starting yoga is scary, especially if you have never done it before.  

But you aren't alone in the new to yoga journey.

We've all started somewhere!

Hi, I'm Lora Hogan over at Daily Southern Sunshine. Paige has generously allowed me to guest post for y'all.  In addition to blogging, I am a runner and yoga teacher.  My specialty is teaching yoga for runners, athletes, and "un-bendy" people aka people new to yoga or those who think their bodies can't POSSIBLY do yoga poses.

Well, your body can!  There is the right yoga for everyBODY as I like to say. :)

Here are three tips to help kick-start your path to yoga success.  I guarantee that when you give yoga a shot, you will love it! (Or at least love the benefits for your body!)

1. Let go of your assumptions about yoga.

Yoga is so trendy right now. You may feel that it is TOO trendy.  You see fancy models on the cover of Yoga Journal with feet behind their heads.  Or the ladies at the health food store seem to love talking about aligning their chakras. Or maybe you just have those friends who seem to fill their instagram accounts with handstand photos.  Let all that stuff go.  Your preconceived notions about what yoga is or is not.  Just let it all go and accept that you are about to try something new for you.

2. Get the proper gear

Even if you only plan to use yoga to stretch occasionally at home after your long runs, you need to buy the right stuff.  Would you decide to be a marathoner without first having appropriate running shoes? No. Same rule applies to yoga. Get a good yoga specific mat. (No, those squishy pilates mats just won't do!) You can buy a decent one for beginner's at Target or Walmart nowadays. I would also recommend purchasing a yoga strap and block if you plan to regularly practice at your home.

3. Take a class for beginners

A lot of us dislike saying we are "beginners." I am guilty. When I first started yoga over ten years ago, I jumped into an intermediate class that I was not prepared for. I had no idea what was going on, it was ridiculously hard, and I am lucky I did not get hurt.  It is OKAY to say you are a beginner. We all start somewhere.  You do not learn a foreign language without starting at the beginning.  It's like Maria says in theSound of Music, "let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start." Get your yoga foundation in a basic class. Try one or two beginners classes to get your feet wet and then ask for suggestions on what class to try next!

And the most important thing? START! Once you've begun, you will no longer be a beginner! Show up with a smile and prepare to try something new.

Nervous about the moments before yoga class? I did a blog post on what to do before yoga class starts. You can check it out here!!

Did I miss anything? Have you tried a class as a result of this post? Let Paige and I know in the comments below!


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