Guest Post: Glam Legacy Fit's Guide To Finding Great Fit Gear

Happy Tuesday! Today's guest post comes to you from the beautiful Anna Richardson from Glam Legacy Fit. She's here to help you find some cute new fitness gear, and who doesn't want that?! That's what I thought :)

Well hello there!! If you are anything like me, finding and purchasing new workout gear is a great feeling. I love walking out of the house in a new pair of sassy cropped leggings or a cute tank with a catchy phrase. Sound like you?! I have yet to meet a fitness gal-pal that doesn't love fun, new workout gear.

Some of my favorite crops to wear are my Lululemonreversible wonder-under crops. I love them because they are reversible and have double the fabric. You all know what that means, right?! They don’t stretch in a way that you can see through them. However, my Lululemon crops can be a little rough on the wallet.
I set out about 6 months ago on the hunt for great, sassy, quality workout gear and I was surprised at the options that are out there.

I love the gear at Fitnician! They have crops, shorts, leggings, and sports tops. My favorite part is that their colors are beautiful and their patterns are super fun. Check them out on www.fitnician.com.

 Target has a workout gear line that continues to grow monthly. I like Target for their workout jackets and sports bras, but I haven’t had the best luck with crops or pants. Their prices are affordable, but I am kind of a bargain seeker. I ALWAYS check the clearance rack for items that are marked down 30%-50%.

My FAVORITE place to find workout gear is Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They are sister stores so you will find a lot of the same brands and styles, but the workout gear addict in me will check these stores at least every other week. I ALWAYS find something new. They have a wonderful selection of workout tops, sports bras, and bottoms. The best part… it is all so affordable! Also, I grab all of my gear for photo shoots from these stores. A couple weeks before I photo shoot I start looking for gear to take with me to my next photo shoot. Best part…when it is all over I get to wear it to the gym!

Ready to shop?! Great!! Here are my 3 tips for finding the best workout gear

1)  Look for fun, bright colors. 
Your workout outfits don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but I do think bright colors are a must! Black is good and I know some ladies prefer black bottoms, but look for a fun sports bra pattern or a bright workout tank. Bright colors just make us feel great!! Head to your next workout looking like a ray of sunshine.

2) Make sure it fits!! 
Every company makes workout gear differently. I suggest trying things on before you buy them. Sometimes sports bras fit me great in one size and then sometimes I buy things and they are digging in to my next or back. If you don’t feel great in it, you aren’t going to wear it!

3) Stretchy-stretch!!! 
My favorite tip for finding great bottoms… stretch the fabric in the bum over your hand. If you can see the floor below you, chances are when you get your legs in it and hit the gym…people will be able to see through the bottoms. It is possible to find bottoms you can’t see through. Stay patient and check the stretch/visibility! I have a drawer full of bottoms I never wear because I purchased them before I learned this tip and later found out you could see it all when I hit the squat rack… yeah! Embarrassing!

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! I love fun workout gear… it is an addiction. If you have any other recommendations or know of a great brand, please contact me!

Happy shopping!
Anna Lavonne Richardson

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Where are some of your favorite places to get great fitness gear?


  1. Oh my goshhhh this has been on my list of posts to write but haven't got around to it yet! I love new workout gear but cannot afford Lulu so I stick to Target, Forever 21, etc. I'll have to check out fitnician right now!

    1. Hi Erin!! Fitnician has beautiful colors and I think you will fall in love!! I love great workout gear!!!! Thank you for reading!! If you find something, please share!! I love fit-fab workout gear!! wooo! <3 Anna