Yoga Pose of the Week: Wild Thing

Happy Tuesday! Monday was...crazy to say the least. Like I mentioned yesterday, it's AIMS state testing week and my kids have to test for 3 hours a day, 4 days in a row this week. They. Can't. Handle. It. It's seriously nuts how wacko they get and I almost can't take it. I'll be ready for this week to be over! Lots of things to look forward to though...like more applications to fill out :)

But seriously, in less than a month I will be in Washington D.C. with my 8th graders and I literally cannot wait. I adore DC and this year is extra special because I planned the entire trip myself for them. Not only is this a huge accomplishment for me but also a great resume builder! 

I wanted to do another YPOTW and Wild Thing was calling my name today. This is one of my favorite poses EVER. I feel so beautiful and strong in it; it makes my heart sing, as most heart-opening poses do!

Wild Thing can look kind of tricky but is actually very accessible and is one that you can work into as you continue your practice. It is a backbend but unlike wheel, you can modify how deep you want to bend according to how comfortable you are.

1. Start in downward facing dog! Kick one leg up into three legged dog, trying to keep the hips as square as you can get them.

2. Curl you up leg into a little scorpion tail, opening up the hips wide.
3. Flipping your dog, drop the up leg to the ground. If this is your first time or you have trouble with backbends, this is the perfect beginner spot, as step three is somewhat of a side stretch. Reach your arm overhead and curl to the side as far as comfortable.
4. If you're ready, roll your shoulders and push your heart open. Reach your arm overhead as you ease into the full backbend, pushing up off of your back leg. Let your head hang down so as not to put tension into your neck.

Something about wild thing is so freeing, you know? It just feels graceful and elegant and makes me sigh every single time I flip into it. There are a few ways to get into the pose but this is the most accessible, modifiable, and basic. 

I took a little photo shoot of Rodney yesterday :) I am using the nice Nikon camera as much as possible before Steven moves...then I will be using my iPhone until I can afford my own nice one boooooo. Anyway I stalked my dog all over the house and yard yesterday so you can't say you weren't warned about the photo bomb of this adorable weiner.

(and his dad. Taking an adorable nap together!)

He tries to copy the coyotes that come by our house at night :)

Aaaand shaking out his ears! Love it. I am so so so happy that he is coming with me wherever I end up. I would die without this furball. Also now that I'll be on my own I can finally get a few more weenies and become a crazy dog lady!! I kid, I kid. Sort of.

What's your favorite heart opening pose? I am also a big camel fan!


  1. Love this! I think you are the Wild Thing pro hahah I always feel awkward getting into it but once I'm there I love it. Favorite heart opener hmmmm yes might be camel but I also just love wheel.

  2. I love wild thing! I have to be very careful with my scoliosis and back in practicing this. If I over-arch or dump into my low back I can do CRAZY things to my SI join! (And not in a good way...lol!)

  3. I like wild thing a lot because it is a very freeing pose and I feel like it is a bit more dancey than other poses.

    Those photos of rodney are beyond adorable!

  4. Rodneyyyyyy! Such a cutie! Please become a crazy weiner dog lady and I'll be the crazy pug lady and we can hang out!