Vegas State of Mind

Did you guys know April is National Stress Awareness Month? For me, this couldn't come at a better time, as I'm pretty much stressed to the max right now. 

Stress is bad. Duh! But stress doesn't just affect you mentally; it can affect you physically as well. Here's some stress info:

Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.

Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declared stress a hazard of the workplace. Stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually.

The lifetime prevalence of an emotional disorder is more than 50%, often due to chronic, untreated stress reactions.

Obviously, stress is a big time factor in many people's lives. Stress can come from a million and one different things in life; job, family, relationships, health, school, children, parents, I could go on and on. It's really important to understand how to handle stress, not only for your peace of mind, but for your health as well!

That's why Jennifer at Vegas.com  contacted me to be a part of their "Vegas State of Mind" campaign, sharing how busy, on-the-go people find ways to "let loose" and relieve stress! I've talked about ways to relieve stress here , but I wanted to talk a little more in depth about one way to relax.

Since I already wrote that post, I wanted to think of something new, but I do want to talk about something that I actually do, and that list is very honest. Jennifer gave me a few ideas- plan a weekend treat, a spa date with the girls, etc. All these things sound amazing :) But honestly, the number one thing I do when I'm stressed is go outside.

Sometimes it's with my main man Rodney, for a walk or run

I like to do Color Runs :)

And I love watching the sun set

You know I do yoga outside

And I loooove hiking

Riding on the RZR is a pretty common outdoor activity in AZ

I take my foam roller out by the pool pretty much on a nightly basis...

I eat outside

I love being by the water

And taking Rodney to the dog park, where he tries to learn how to share :)

I'm pretty sure I could go on and on forever, but really, my biggest way to let loose and relieve stress is to be outside. Oh! And it's not just me! Harvard says being outside is good for you too.....

Your vitamin D levels rise. Sunlight hitting the skin begins a process that leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D. Studies suggest that this vitamin helps fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks. Limited sun exposure (don’t overdo it), supplemented with vitamin D pills if necessary, is a good regimen.
You’ll get more exercise. If you make getting outside a goal, that should mean less time in front of the television and computer and more time walking and doing other things that put the body in motion.
You’ll be happier. Light tends to elevate people’s mood, and there’s usually more light available outside than in. Physical activity has been shown to help people relax and cheer up, so if being outside replaces inactive pursuits with active ones, it might also mean more smiles.
Your concentration will improve. Children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors. It might be a stretch to say that applies to adults, but if you have trouble concentrating, outdoor activity may help.
You may heal faster. In one study, people recovering from spinal surgery experienced less pain and stress and took fewer pain medications when they were exposed to natural light. An older study showed that the view out the window (trees vs. a brick wall) helped recovery in the hospital.
So, feeling stressed? Go outside! Not only do I say it's a good idea, Harvard backs me up, and, that's cool :)

Jennifer also asked what I'd do if I COULD get to Vegas...hehehe. I've been to Vegas a few times, and while gambling and drinking all night aren't really my thing, the mountains and sunshine are! If I could get to Vegas to relax over my Spring Break, I'd love to book myself a lovely massage and spa facial in one of the fanciest hotels there :) I'd also love to do a little hiking, sightseeing, and hit up some shows! I would die to see Brittney's show right now gahhhhh...or Cirque De Soleil!  I also know the Body exhibition is in Vegas right now..I've been dying to see that as well!

What's your favorite way to relieve stress? If you could go to Vegas for the weekend, what would you do?


  1. I think there is so much to be said for finding a quiet, peaceful place outside to relax when you are feeling stressed. I find that if I don't take care of stress during the day, it keeps me up at night. All of your suggestions are really great! I love yoga outside, eating outside and just relaxing outside!

    I've never been to Vegas so I don't know what to expect but I would probably want to see a show and chill by the pool!

  2. Ahhh I love this. I've also always wanted to see the Body exhibition. To relieve stress I usually journal. It's kind of like blogging but for me, I talk waaaaay more haha and I always do yoga (duhhhhhh).

  3. Beautiful photos! To relieve stress, I go outside, run, read, pray, or write in my journal.

  4. I think I cause myself stress trying to fit everything in... yoga definitely keeps me grounded... even though I get stressed trying to get there haha!

  5. people don't understand what a tremendous impact stress can have on your life. When I was dealing with bad stomach issues a while ago but doctor asked me when was the last time I laughed?! That's when I knew I needed to loosen up and start living my life instead of worrying about it!

  6. I was just in Vegas and while the strip isn't my thing either, there are some great things to do outside around the city. Last year when I was there I went hiking at Red Rock (it's awesome!) and this time I visited the Hoover Dam.

    I couldn't agree with you more, I love to be outside too! Actually I'm about to head outside to take my pup for a nice long walk :)

    --Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness