Why Today Was the Best Day Ever

I just feel so full today. Nothing spectacular happened, but so many small, nice things happened that I can't help feeling lucky, blessed, healthy, and just happy! 

Steven is in Chicago for a week getting his shots for his legs (he's a quadriplegic; more on that here!). So it's just me and Rodney for a few days. I half like this, half dislike this. I like it because, well, it's nice to have the house to myself sometimes. I dislike it more because I have a deep, deep fear of someone breaking into my house in the middle of the night and murdering me. This was irrational when I lived in Illinois; in Tucson, it's a little more realistic. High crime rates. Close to the border. I am an anxious, paranoid person, it's fine.

Anyway, our first night alone Rodney would NOT let me sleep...he whined all night and I was so nervous that I just couldn't sleep. I got a solid 4 hours and woke up at 5:30 AM feeling grumpy as HELL. I was extremely tempted to call in sick. I was angry and frustrated and just knew that today was going to be terrible. And here I am at the end of the day reflecting on how nice it was. So my Friday Favorites is dedicated to the things that made today just wonderful.

1) Kathryn Budig. 

She is my IDOL, people. I just want to meet her and be her best friend and I really don't think that's too much to ask. For those of you who don't know her, she is a famous yoga instructor and an all around amazing person. She is light hearted and I only take her classes on Yogaglo because she is so playful and fun in her classes! Before work I wanted to do yoga, but I was so grumpy when I woke up that I pushed it to the side. Then, at 6 AM about 20 minutes before I had to leave I just threw my laptop on the couch and went to her classes page and thought, you know, what the hell why not. Her newest class is a 15 minute sun salutation flow called "Empowerment". It set the tone for my whole day. Her words soaked through my little grumpy brain and just sank into my whole being, and I kept them throughout the day in the front of my mind. Everything she said really resonated with me and I NEEDED that class first thing this morning. So then that brings me to what happened next:

Pretty sure my heart stopped when I saw she replied to my tweet. WITH KISSES AND HUGS NO LESS. Made my day. I immediately texted Kim and Erin because I just had to share this with someone and I knew they would understand :) 

BTW, you know what else goes with this part? The fact that I have the phone numbers of and text girls I've never met in real life before, and that I have only met through blogging. That amazes me. My little blogging circle brings a TON of joy to my days!!

2) My lunch was ready to go this morning. It's the little things.

3) When I got to work and checked my email, I saw I had another school in Chicago ask me for a second interview. YES!

4) My kids! 
OK right now is so super stressful at work. Next week is the last week before AIMS, our state standardized testing and I'm throwing every re-teach and review trick at my kids in a serious fashion. This week I have made an extra effort to be positive and bouncy in class because I know my little 8th graders are sick of doing multiple choice practice reading questions. So am I. Anyway, today they came in laughing and upbeat and it really just set my  mood up for success as well. We played Mexican music and drew in one of my classes and my kids shared stories with me, sang a little and I saw a couple of them working very hard on the magazine covers they are making (reviewing main idea and summarization doesn't HAVE to be so boring). A couple of them continued working after the last bell rang and we were waiting for the buses, which they certainly don't have to do. It made me feel good. After they let out and I got my things to go home, a group of the sports' kids were walking out to the field. Almost the whole group yelled at me across our campus telling me good-bye and to have a nice rest of the day. It just put a smile on my face! Working with junior high kids is tough but I really do love it, even when I'm frustrated and upset. OK cheesy teacher moment over.

5) This is kind of lame but I can't stop staring at this pillow online. I just really feel like it encompasses everything I want my new place to look like when I move!

I really have no money to be spending right now but I just feel drawn to this pillow. Is that dumb? I've never ever decorated a place before and am finding out the styles that I like and it's just like, THIS PILLOW. I think I need it. I think this is the piece that I will decorate my apartment around. And so it shall be.

6) This post on getting over a breakup in a healthy way. Couldn't have come at a better time!

7) Yoga in this beautiful background and setting. I truly love Tucson and it makes me heartsick to think about leaving these awesome mountains. 

I really felt like today, everyone and everything in the universe understood what I was thinking and how I was feeling and reacted to make me smile and feel good. Then, the more I thought about it, I realized that really, I made today good. I do yoga in the mornings often. My kids are usually pretty nice and upbeat around me. I shop online alllll the time :) It wasn't a crazy or extremely different day. But I took the words I heard in yoga this morning and really PRACTICED  them throughout my day. I chose to be happy. I'm definitely in for my ups and downs in the next months to come but really, my attitude made what I thought was going to be a horrible day a really great one. I am in charge of my feelings, my emotions, and my life. I make the decisions. I put the smile on my face, or the frown. No one else. I can't control others' actions, but I can certainly control my reactions. I choose joy.

(BTW, please remind me of this happy post a month down the road when I am throwing shoes against my wall in anger and frustration!)
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What is making your day joyous today?


  1. Omg Paige this entire post just made me green cheesily at my computer screen. First of all, CONGRATS on getting a second interview!! That's so exciting--def let me know how it goes. Second of all, you know that you can text me anytime and I love it too--it's truly amazing the people you meet through blogging. I'm glad you kept yoga with you throughout the entire day. That's honestly why I enjoy taking morning classes more than evening classes--it sets a tone for the whole day.

    1. Awwww thanks Erin :) I am in the middle-end stages with a couple schools so I'm hoping I might actually have options and not just have to take the first thing I get offered. And I agree about the morning stuff! Sometimes it's so hard but honestly it usually ends up being a deal-breaker for me in terms of what kind of day I will have.

  2. Wow, that's great about the job offers. I know teaching jobs are hard to come by. When you have multiple offers its a very good thing. So sorry about your relationship ending though, but I'm glad you have found some inner peace and are feeling blessed.

  3. It's all about finding the joy in the little things! Glad to see you have your positive hat on. It's the only way to pull you through tough times. Plus I've recently discovered I have a deep obsession with pillows (wtf?!) and that pillow is GORG. WHO AM I?!

  4. I'm glad you had such a better day! You are so good at looking at the positive side of things! I don't think your fear is totally irrational! I always think someone is breaking into my house when I wake up in the middle of the night. It freaks me out!

    Also, I just signed up for YogaGlo. I know you mentioned that you liked it so I am trying it out!

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  6. Congrats on the interview!! This post was so bubbly and happy, I love it. It's all about choosing joy, not just letting it fall in your lap. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so, so happy that the post resonated with you, I'm here for you girl!


  7. Wait.. I feel like a bad friend! Are you moving to Chicago?
    Glad you had a good day! xo

  8. I absolutely love Kathryn Budig's classes :D I'm glad things got better for you on Friday <3

  9. I LOVE your attitude and this post!

    By the way, I share your paranoia of someone breaking into my house. When my husband has been deployed, I sleep so bad (I normally am not that great of a sleeper anyways!) because I have bad dreams and get freaked out by noises. Ugh it's so annoying and I know that I'm being irrational, but I can't help it. Actually now that I'm thinking about it, when I'm home by myself I check every closet and shower when I get home...usually with a taser in hand... so don't feel so crazy about being afraid! Clearly I'm also a nut haha

    --Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness