Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Woo hoo it's the weekend! I can't wait to go hiking with Erin again on Saturday :) It's become one of my favorite things to do in Tucson.

Friday is the perfect day to go over some of the things that have put a smile on my face this week:

The #sweathappywithyoga challenge! I love seeing everyone's posts every day it's so cool! (the handstand wasn't in the challenge it was just for fun!)

This little weenie taking naps in between my knees...he's the cutest!

OK here's a little story for ya! Can you see those scratches? Yeah, I know, they're not that noticeable, but there's a story....I was downtown Tuesday morning and right when I pulled into my parking spot I hear a slam and a crunch....the dumb woman next to me opened her car door all the way and hit my car. Which is understandable. What is NOT understandable is running away form someone after hitting their car. Which is what she did. She started running as I unbuckled my seat belt and got out to check out the damage. I yelled at her, "Did you just hit my car??? Hellooo!!" And she kept walking away from me refusing to acknowledge me. At first I was extremely angry but once I calmed down I saw the scratches can probably be buffed out so I just had to laugh because...who the hell does that? It must have looked ridiculous....we were downtown people were staring at us. If I wasn't running late I would have ran her down but it honestly wasn't worth it. Dumb woman.

My de-stressing habits that I wrote about yesterday!

LOVE this little elephant from Joss and Main. I'm addicted to that website...if only I was rich and had a house to myself to decorate with "zen decor" as they call it on Joss and Main :)

TBT...we did a field trip to our feeder high school this week and it made me slightly nostalgic for high school. I am so happy to be an adult but I loved high school! I miss cheerleading a LOT. So here is me, at 17, with psycho hair and my Railer cheer buddies :)

Super Love Tees!! OBSESSED. They are one of our sponsors for #sweathappywithyoga and I just bought my first shirt...am waiting for next paycheck to buy more and more and more...it's fine!
Housewife Glamour

What is putting a smile on your face today?


  1. Hmm...I want your pool. <3

    Also, fantastic Friday faves! I love, love, love Super Love Tees. They encompass my two favorite 'C's: Cute and Comfy. I'd be in big trouble if they included my third favorite 'C'...which is *cookie*.

    Happy weekend! Have fun hiking!

  2. Gahhhhh I want a Super Love Tees shirt but it's not happening this month aha but I will eventually! Also, that woman is rude. SO rude. I would've been mad too even though it's not that noticeable. Have a great weekend lovely :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Did you take down her license plate? I would have! Who does that!?

  4. Love Super Love tees! Need to order one of those too.

    Ugh. I can understand someone having the urge to run when they do something like that, but actually running? How cowardly!

    - Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

  5. A) I'm super jealous of your handstand and your pool!
    B) I love that elephant!
    C) How could she just run away? Hello, that's just rude!