Sweat Happy With Yoga March Challenge

Happy Monday! I'm going to cut right to the chase for today's MIMM post because I'm SO EXCITED about what I have to share for today because it is truly MARVELOUS!!

I'm hosting a yoga challenge for the month of March with Kim and Erin!!!

We are hosting the challenge, and challening all of you, to #sweathappywithyoga for the month of March!  We announced it  on Instagram last Friday but I'm so pumped to finally put it up on the blog! Here is our official description:

 I am so excited to be co-hosting the #sweathappywithyoga challenge in MARCH along with @busybodblog and@erin_thealmondeater!! It's almost spring, a time of new beginnings, and the perfect time to begin or rededicate your yoga practice. Our goal with this challenge is to encourage a daily practice. The consistency of even a few minutes a day can transform your practice and your life. 
This challenge is open to all levels but is especially targeted to BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATES. We will include a few challenging postures but there will always be modifications. We are still finalizing sponsors but we are excited and thankful to have@SuperLoveTees and The Zen Muse on board so far offering some great prizes. 
1 Follow the hosts! @busybodblog@paigepodbelsek and @erin_thealmondeater and make sure you tag us in all of your posts!! 2 Follow our sponsor @superlovetees (if/when more are announced, follow them also). 3 Repost the challenge photo (this photo!) so we know you are in! 4 Every day in March, post a picture of your best effort or variation of each day's pose. Tag all the hosts and use #sweathappywithyoga! (Note: to be eligible for prizes your account must be public, otherwise we won't see your pictures!) 
In judging, we are looking for people who really embrace the theme of spring renewal, sweating happy, and and show positivity and growth through daily practice! I really hope you'll join us. Comment if you have any questions!! 

I hope you can tell how excited we are :) So, for the whole month, we will be posting a pose each day. The awesome thing about this challenge is that we are targeting beginners and intermediates. We felt that while advanced challenges are awesome, we really need to spend some time focusing on beginning stuff: people and poses! Advanced poses require an understanding of the fundamentals, and that's what we're aiming to do here. Also, many times in advanced challenges there aren't variations given that challengers can practice if they can't get into the full poses. We will be hosting both beginner and advanced variations for poses so that everyone can join in! 

Winners will be chosen at the end of the month, and a select few will receive AMAZING prizes. Seriously, our sponsors are just awesome. Super Love Tees and The Zen Muse have THE BEST yoga inspired shirts and jewelry ever! We are so pumped to be joining with them to host this challenge.

We would really love anyone and everyone to join in in this :) No, none of us are certified yoga instructors. But! We love yoga! And we want to share and spread that love with all of you, no matter what level you are are. Wherever you are in your practice right now, it's perfect :)

If you are interested in joining find us on Instagram and let us know! The first post will be posted this Friday night in preparation for March 1st on Saturday.  Hope to see some of you "om"ing with us this weekend!! Namaste


  1. I'm so frickin' excited about this! C'mon, March!

  2. Paige! This is so fun!! I so want to participate!! Yayayayay!!!!!

  3. I am soooo excited for the challenge!!!