Stronger Arms Yoga Sequence

Happy Wednesday! I am taking a step back from WIAW since I just don't have anything interesting to share! In terms of food, I mean, because I do have something else to share! 

Today I have a yoga sequence for you that specifically focuses on arm strengthening. I love that yoga is not only a strengthening practice for you emotionally, spiritually and mentally, but, duh!, physically! It works all aspects of your life, and while it might be very difficult to get muscle-builder biceps, yoga is AMAZING for strengthening and toning all parts of the body.

Personally, one of my favorite spots to target is my arms. I have come a long way with my arms. They used to be my least favorite part of my body, but since starting yoga I have kind of come to love them. They are so strong! They might not be as cut or defined as they were when I was lifting weights 5 days a week, but I'm seeing allllll kind of other progress in them, especially in my handstand practice :)

Anyway, here is an awesome sequence that you can add to your regular practice or do on its own to focus on arm strength.

As you can see, I'm a BIG fan of plank work :)

Yoga Sequence for Stronger Arms
1. Side plank- Roll onto outer edge of foot and lift arm high. Keep hips lifted as high as you comfortably can; don't let them fall towards the ground.
2. Inverted plank- Roll so your seat is on the ground. Plant heels on floor and palms on floor, facing fingertips into your body. Push up through your hips, lifting them to the ceiling and keeping arms locked. Relax neck.
3. Forearm side plank- Roll back to side plank, then take arm up in air to the floor in forearm position, fingertips pointing to front of your mat. Roll onto edge of opposite foot, flipping your plank to the opposite side and keeping hips lifted.
4. Forearm plank- Place other forearm on ground and roll into plank position, tightening everything in your body, keeping your back rounded and bellybutton tucked in.
5. Dolphin- Raise hips to ceiling and walk feet in.
6. Chaturanga- Let your knees get a little bounce in them and place your gaze on your palms, where you want your weight to land. Throw your weight forward from dolphin into chaturanga.

I love all of these poses so much! I also like taking pictures like this so I can see what I need to work on. My downdog and dophin still need work in terms of stretching my heels to the ground, but I'm super hesitant to do that because of my injured leg which still flares up quite a bit. I don't want to re-pull it again! Also my chaturanga needs work but as my arms grow stronger that pose will get easier :)

So I made a video for this sequence and tried to put it on Youtube but every time I upload it you can hear the audio but there is no picture! So I'm working on getting that to work....I'll let you know when/if it starts working.

Youtube video is up! Feel free to watch if you are interested in seeing how the sequence flows.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Ahhh love that we are yoga sequence twins :) Also-love/hate dolphin! It definitely works my shoulders that's for sure!

  2. This looks awesome!!! I don't do much yoga but love the strength moves.

  3. Awesome! I love this!!!! Your are such a great yogi. Pinned!

  4. I cannot wait to do the sequence! I pinned it :)