Friday Favorites for Valentine's Day

Hey guys! Sorry for no Yoga Pose yesterday; things are a little different at home right now with Steven here needing help. I also feel super weird taking pictures or videos with him sitting on the couch watching me :) 

I'm linking up with Heather today for a Valentine's Friday Favorites!
Housewife Glamour

Perfect curls. Love it!

This powder in my smoothies every morning! It's so delicious

This lovely reminder from Fitfluential....progress is key

My workouts this week. 
Saturday and Sunday were intense full body workouts. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I did (am planning to tomorrow=Friday morning!) 20 minutes of yoga in the morning. I also did 30 minutes of yoga Monday night and planning to tomorrow night, and another full body workout with the stability ball Tuesday night. Whew! Lots of working out and it feels great!

These plates, of course, but also Trader Joe's cheese selection...go try the chocolate cheddar immediately.

Thursday was Career Day at my school and I got to go to a small airfield by our school (me and 3 of my students) where they teach you how to fly! It was pretty neat.

Peppermint tea...always!

I've kind of been on an Eat Pray Love kick I guess? I recently saw the movie for the first time and it intrigued me to read the book because THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER!! Anyway, I am enjoying it- good writing and the descriptions of her experiences in each country are pretty amazing. However, she herself is kind of a lot to swallow....I mean....I don't know....she kind of comes of as spoiled and entitled. Although, I am working really hard to not judge these days so I'm not freaking out about it....just seems to me that she was VERY lucky in the life she led. Anyway, what do I know about being in a marriage where you feel miserable? Nothing. So, I press forward! Seriously, good writing though!

Happy Valentine's Day! I love all of YOU! 

Steven and I are doing a quiet dinner in tonight which I'm looking forward to. I haven't been sleeping very well this week....family, boyfriend, money, friendships, work....lots of stressful things right now and I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. A nice quiet weekend is just what I need! 

What are you loving this Friday? Any awesome plans for Valentine's Day?


  1. Wonderful! I love all of the Fri-Faves!

    Harry and I will be in the Atlanta airport this evening, en route to Austin for the race this weekend. We celebrated V-Day this past Tuesday. <3 Have a beautiful evening with your beau, darling!

  2. Jealous of your field trip!! How fun. Also--love/hate that lower ab exercise on the stability ball. It always makes me sore the next day! Have a great day, love!

  3. Your field trip looked awesome! And I really need to read Eat Pray Love :)

  4. I've been wanting to read that book forever! Love the curls girl!

  5. chocolate cheddar?!?! WHAAAAT?!? Hope you had a fav v-day Paige!

  6. That is so cool that you were able to check out flying a plane! I have to admit that I can't really see over the dashboard and probably wouldn't do so well!

    I liked Eat Pray Love. She is a little spoiled but I think the message of working through hard times in life and coming out better is important for everyone.