Yoga Pose Of The Week: Crow Pose Tutorial

Hello friends! I am showcasing my second installment of Yoga Pose of the Week with crow pose! I posted a picture of it yesterday and was marveling at how much progress I've made, so I thought a tutorial would be perfect.

So.....uh....I tried to do a video? It was weird. I also say UM about 79823474 times....which I feel a little embarrassed about because I'm a teacher and talk/teach for a living and definitely don't talk like that in class but...it's my first time so, whatever. Video is directly below (PLEASE don't be mean about my awkwardness) and photo and step by step tutorial are below!

Bakasana: Crow Pose Tutorial

1. Begin in a squat, with big toes and heels together, hips spread apart, and folded close to floor. Spread fingers and place them flat on your mat at shoulder width.
2. Situate your knees as high on your forearms are you are comfortable.
3. Lean into your arms and balance your knees on your forearms, keeping arms bent.
4. Bring one foot up at a time, finding your balance.
5. Strengthening through your core, lift up off the floor completely, tucking your feet up.
6. As you gain strength and balance, try straightening your arms as far as they will go.

Beginners: Try this pose on a block to get the feel for the positioning.

Once you have moved to the floor, lift one leg up at a time to get your balance.

Try staying with your arms bent for awhile in your practices, until you're comfortable pushing up. This doesn't necessarily need to happen on the same day. Work up to straightening your arms.

When you are comfortable straightening your arms, keep your gaze forward and keep lifting through your core to keep your balance.

So I finally was able to find a picture of my crow at the beginning of my practice. This picture was taken in October, after I'd been practicing for just over a month. The picture above it was taken last night. As you can see, I have really seen a lot of progress in this pose. It took me a long time to be able to tuck my knees into my arms and straighten my arms at all. And, as you can see, I still am working towards full pose with completely straight arms. Practice, time, and patience will get you where you want to be. 

These two compariable pictures are exacly what made me fall in love with yoga. Seeing tangible progress is addicting. It takes awhile but the results are so worth it. I love seeing my body and abilities transform and seeing myself get into poses I never thought possible.

I hope this tutorial was somewhat informative and, if you watched my video, not completely embarrassing for you. (I disabled the comments on YouTube...I'm not ready for that kind of criticism yet!) I'll see you guys tomorrow with a new recipe!


  1. Awesome tutorial - thanks Paige!

  2. I love crow pose, though I could use some work straightening my arms!

    Props to you for posting your first video! I'm sure that you'll get more comfortable with it.

    - Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

  3. Hhahah you're awesome and do NOT feel bad. You know those yoga pics I post on Instagram? You don't want to know how many takes some of those took me. Self timer is tricky!! This is a great tutorial--pictures AND video is twice as helpful. Tutorials are so helpful when learning new yoga poses so this is great!

  4. Wonderful! One of my most favorite (*le cough* makes me feel like a BAMF *le cough*) poses! <3 :)

  5. I love these tutorials Paige! So cool. You can really see the difference between your earlier pose and your later pose. You should become a yoga instructor!

  6. Love it!!! Crow pose is actually the one pose in yoga where I've seen natural progression. The rest I'm kind of stagnant but being able to stand on my arms (albeit for 10 seconds) was like the coolest thing ever!

    I know I say this every time but it's so awesome to have watched you try yoga for your first time to you posted tutorials! You're like a born yogi!!!