Friday Favorites and a Little Foam Rolling

Happy Friday lovelies! So so super ready for the weekend. I have lots of fun things for Friday Favorites with Heather today!!

First is this AWESOME face mask from Lush! It's  called Mask of Magnaminty. I'm not super into facial stuff but I wanted a nice, refreshing face mask and saw great reviews for this online so I ordered it and was so excited when it showed up at my house yesterday.

I went out into the living room like this and little Rodney was barking like mad...I think I scared him!

This mask is loaded with peppermint which left my skin feeling minty fresh and soft! I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to using it again.

Yesterday I realized I could hold Standing Mermaid pose easily and it made me so excited! I love progress!

This morning's sunrise from my classroom. Can you imagine a more beautiful sunrise?!

This Etsy ring that I was about 98% sure I was going to buy....until I saw the one on the right! And now I can't decide. I neeeeeed one of them though, right?! I love the hamsa hand and what it represents! This ring will perfectly match my necklace :)

My friend Erin got me this AWESOME pink foam roller for Christmas and I've been using it every day! It feels like a free massage but it hurts sooooo bad. In a good way though. I've been following this video from Fitnessista  since I'm new to foam rolling...Gina is always in the know with anything fitness related!

Let the weekend commence (after a 12 hour work day- teacher training is NOT my idea of a lovely Friday night but it must be done!) Have a wonderful two days off and I'll see you on Monday.

Do you foam roll? Which ring do you like better?

Housewife Glamour


  1. Well good morning! I'm not a huge face mask person either, but I've been looking for one lately. I'm not sure if it's from moving to an enormous city or what, but my pores have become so clogged and oogey! >:| Let me know what your results were from the mask, please!

    Gorgeous Yoga, and hooray for TriggerPoint! I have a Grid, as well. It has been my experience that rolling isn't all it's cracked up to be on a regular basis. That being said, every body is different. Ice baths do nothing for me, either. More proof. :) Have a wonderful day, gorgeous!

  2. Ha, that face mask is great. And it reminds me that I need to get back on my normal at home facial schedule! Love both of the rings, but kind of digging the one on the left more. Thanks so much for linking up! :)

  3. I love anyone who can post a picture of themselves in a face mask:) Also that ring is fabulous!

  4. I just got a foam roller for Christmas and I love it too! It is perfect after working out or a long run. That fitnessista video is my go-to video for foam rolling as well :)

  5. I like the ring on the left :) And I love my foam roller - it feels amazing, but like you said, it hurts so. bad!