Good morning! Today is Thursday and unfortunately that means only a couple of days left until I go back to work :( I know I know I'm so lucky to get a break but still...back to work.....ughhhhh. Right? Right.

So today I want to share my #12months12changes goals for this year! I mentioned in my post on Tuesday that I'm not really into New Year's Resolutions, and that's definitely true. However, I saw Kim's post at Busy Bod on making 1 change each month for the rest of the year. I think this is truly a fantastic idea because, as she mentions, making huge resolutions to accomplish over the course of a year typically doesn't work out, at least for me. I want something that I can focus on, that is manageable, and that I truly believe in. Every one these goals is something I have been pondering over the last couple months that I've been wanting to change, and I think this is the perfect way to do it! This is also a good way to make change because it allows me to focus on one thing at a time, instead of overwhelming myself with multiple huge resolutions.

So, I have one goal for each month that I will be working towards and focusing on:

January- No alcohol

This one has kind of been creeping up on me over the last month. I haven't been a big drinker since moving to Tucson (college was kind of a different deal but that's pretty normal I think) but this last semester I have been doing it more than usual. And you know what? I miss the last 2 years when I didn't go out every weekend. I don't really enjoy ruining my Saturdays/Sundays because I feel crappy and also do you KNOW how many calories and sugar are in alcohol?! It's insane. For my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well being I will let alcohol take a back seat. This is actually one I am planning on working on all year long but January will be NO alcohol month and then I'll go from there :) I already resisted last night when Steven and I went to Olive Garden last night and their Marshmallow Martini sang out to me...but I triumphed!

February- Love and Kindness

I think it's appropriate to make Febuary Love and Kindness month! I am kind and loving in feelings toward many people, but this February I want to focus on SHOWING it along with feeling it. This might include offering to help someone out, surprising them with a gift, making a special phone call, etc. Love shouldn't just be felt, it should be shown. I also want this to translate into my classroom. I think I am a pretty nice but firm teacher, but sometimes I have a tendency to get frustrated with my kids and my job. I want to focus on calming myself and really letting kindness shine through at all times at home and at work.

March- De-cluttering

My name is Paige and I have a problem...I'm a clutter bug. I really am. It's not a nice habit. I'm not dirty messy but cluttery messy...you know, like you come home and instead of hanging up your close they get thrown in a pile on the floor. Or you're a teacher and instead of filing every single paper you get they all stack up on your desk until the pile is taller than your head. Yeah...not good. So March will specifically be focusing on controlling the clutter.

April- Budgeting

OK I mayyy have another problem and it's called CLOTHES SHOPPING. I have certainly had a few months or weeks where I went down to the last line because I just couldn't resist buying that dress, or sweater, or leggings, etc. April is going to be the month that I seriously sit down and focus on putting together an exact budget and stick to it.

May- Sweat Every Day

In May I am going to do something to make myself sweat every single day...even if it's just a walk around the block. May is beautiful in Tucson and sunny and is the last month before things start to get overwhelmingly hot (I'm talkin 110-115 degrees!) so I will soak up every beautiful second and work my body with some form of exercise.

June- Self Love

June is my birthday month so it will also be self-love month. I've never really "pampered" myself until I met my friend Sadia...now I've gotten mani-pedis, signed up for a massage this week, stayed in a couple nice hotels just to relax, spent juuuuust a little extra money on something special for myself. Guess what! It feels awesome. However, self love doesn't just mean a little pampering...it means treating myself with love! Affirmations and not putting myself down is all part of this.

July- Travel

July will be my vacation month from school, and I'm wanting to travel, even if it means just in Tucson and exploring what is around me more. I'd really like to go to Colorado (never been), and also want to do more hiking in Tucson, maybe get down to Tombstone AZ as well.

August- Organization

Organization sounds like de cluttering, but it's a little different to me. Organization means getting things in my house organized, meals planned out ahead of time, having a schedule ready to go. I'm a little better at this than my clutter issue, but it still could use some work.

September- Connecting

Since moving to Tucson, I have lost touch with many people that I was extremely close with in high school and college. It hurts a little bit, but being 2000 miles away puts a toll on friendships. September will be concentrated on making an effort to stay connected to friends and family.

October- Thankfulness

I did something similar to this in October of 2013, but concentrating on what I'm thankful for is an important goal I need to look at more. I have so much good going on in my life; I think it's important to realize that and show it some attention.

November- Less TV

OK I kind of feel 14 saying this but I do watch a lot of TV. I am very active, I exercise, read a LOT, cook, hang out in my back yard, spend time with friends, but I get home at 3:30 every day and my boyfriend doesn't get home until 8:30 PM at the EARLIEST. I have a lot of alone down time at my house. We have a big TV, Netflix, and like, 400 TV channels. It calls to me sometimes. Also I am one of those people who easily gets addicted to TV shows and could sit and watch one whole season in one day. November is the beginning of the holiday season and we are usually pretty busy this month, so I am going to make more of an effort to step away from the TV and do something else.

December- Dedication

December is going to be focused on dedication. This December, with my leg injury, I kind of let myself slide in terms of food and exercise (since I basically couldn't exercise). Next December, I want to be more dedicated to my healthy lifestyle. I still ate healthy 75% of the time, but when you're not working out at all and surrounded by holiday fare, it gets kind of hard. This year I hope to be committed to healthy living even during the holidays. (Just to clarify- I'm not upset by my indulging at all...all that cake, pie, and cookies was awesome! But if I hadn't been injured and been in a better, less lax state of mind I think it would have gone differently)

So here it is! My plan! I am very excited and am dedicated to giving each of these as much attention as they need each month. Check out Kim's changes here  and other people's, as she has a link up open for everyone to join in! ALSO the TIU Love Your Body Series started yesterday! I got in the cardio while running with Rodney and today I will be doing my own workout but checking in on Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourbody. Seriously, check it out guys! It's such a great movement. We could all give ourselves a little extra love and attention :)

Do you have any resolutions or changes you want to make this year? Are you a Tone It Up girl joining in with Love Your Body?


  1. I think my body would appreciate a month off from alcohol right now, especially after that holiday break

    1. Yes I think it's a perfect time for that as well!

  2. I love this idea - such a great way to break down goals into more manageable chunks!

  3. I told Kim how much I loved this idea but wanted to share it with you as well! Good luck with every single one of these and excited to read how it goes. Happy New Year gorgeous lady!

  4. What an awesome idea! I'm with you on the tv watching.

  5. All great goals! Love the idea of focusing on one thing per month :) Happy 2014!


  6. what a fab idea. I love these small changes every month it's a fab way to make the changes you mght want to but get overwhelmed. I am also giving up alcohol in January and crisps(chips dependant where you're from)!
    Here is to a fantastic 2014 and embrace all your changes but no resolutions :)

  7. I love this idea! :) You have amazing changes for each month :)

  8. I love the idea of a change/goal for each month!!! And, so cool that you have the whole year planned out!!
    Good luck with the January no alcohol - I can't lie, I enjoy my evening glass of wine!

  9. I love these goals and I can't wait to follow along in the new year and see how you do!

  10. Paige I love this! What a great way to look at the year. One goal each month. Thanks for such fantastic inspiration!