What's In Your Fridge LinkUp!

Hey guys! I'm excited today to do a linkup displaying the foods I keep around the house. This can be a great way to share inspiration and to explain my daily eating lifestyle :) If you want to share, please link up below so other bloggers and readers can check out your fridge as well!

I'm going to start with my pantry actually.....

**Funny story: my boyfriend is in a wheelchair so he claimed the bottom shelves of the pantry leaving me with the top shelves. I'm 4'9. We need LOWER shelves!!!

So I've got my regular items; Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar salad dressing, sriracha, liquid stevia, dark chocolate almonds, regular almonds, tuna, pumpkin, PB, unopened jam, trail mix, assorted vinegars and other nut butters scattered around randomly. These are definitely all things that need to be stocked in my pantry at all times!

The fridge.....a bit of a mess but you can get the idea! Top shelf is for my almond milks, egg whites, egg nog, and applesauce somewhere in there. Then we have salsas, Greek yogurt, Ezekiel bread, mango slices, roasted chicken coming out of its covered pan, defrosting ground turkey, for me anyway. Steven has mashed potatoes, cream cheese, sour cream, different cheeses.....OK his definitely sounds better. The man loves cheese.

My little shelf in the fridge has lemon juice, different vinegarette salad dressings from Whole Foods, and that awesome Trader Joe's tomato and red pepper soup that I can't get enough of! Oh and mustard.

And our veggie drawers...assorted greens, bell peppers, baby carrots and oranges.

It's so funny for me to review this and think about where I was this time two years ago. My refrigerator would have looked a LOT different back then! Everything I named off is something that I have made a regular staple in my diet only in the last 1.5 years, and some even sooner. I just found Ezekiel bread this summer, along with kale, healthy salad dressings, almond milk and Greek yogurt. It's amazing the differences that you can and will see by swapping some things out in your diet!

A little up dog with my dog to make my day brighter after work :)

So, what does your fridge/pantry look like? Share with us below!!

If you can't share, what are some foods you have to have handy at all times?


  1. Always almond milk and oats! I miss TJs almond milk :( It's the best!

  2. I will try and share in the future! I always have apples, bananas, lemons, coconut milk, spinach, tahini...

  3. This is so fun! I want to link up next time. Right now my fridge is eeeeempty! But normally I have lots of fruit and veg, lean protein, sriracha, EVOO, almond milk. Now I'm hungry! :)

  4. I had no idea that you're 4'9"...I'm picturing you in your classroom as this cute little yogi teacher with 8th graders towering over you! Ha. I always feel like a giant around my mom & grandma because they're tiny and 5' tall and I'm 5'6" haha

    My fridge always has Greek yogurt, salsa, almond milk, whole wheat bread & wraps, greens and apples. My pantry is always stocked with nut butters, dried fruit, bars, almonds and cashews. Love it all!

    -Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

    1. Oh yeah super short! My 8th graders are definitely waaaaaay taller than me :) Your pantry and fridge sound delicious!!

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