San Diego Recap (and a Little Beach Yoga)

Hey guys! Long time no talk. Thanks again to Erin for guest posting on Friday. She has some fantastic ideas for stocking stuffers that I may or may not have listened to over the weekend as I picked up a couple random things for Steven :) 

My beautiful adventure in San Diego is over :( Sad face. But we had such a blast! Great food, lovely beaches, and perfect company. This is your warning for a picture heavy post!

The first day was at La Jolla, the most beautiful beach EVER. So rocky and natural looking. We spent the day laughing at the seals and grumbling a little bit about the annoying people who wouldn't leave them alone, dipping our feet in the water and basically just wondering at the incredibleness that is La Jolla Beach. It's so breathtaking. Then we did a little shopping and wandering around, and headed back to the hotel for a dinnertime nap! 

The second day was spent at Pacific and Mission Beach. A completely different vibe but lovely. Erin and I enjoyed a few sun salutations and then goofed around for a little bit with some more beach yoga. The sunset was incredible and after we watched it set we headed to a tattoo parlor and my friends both got tattoos! They both had to take tops off so I didn't put the pictures up but they both turned out beautiful.

All in all it was a fantastic trip. I took over 400 pictures so sorry for the overload here but it's only a fraction of what I took :) 

Merry Christmas Eve to you! After my trip, and coming home to see Steven and Rodney last night, I am feeling more grateful than ever. As the year closes I am thinking back to where I was exactly one year ago and things were so different! I was certainly happy but have entered a new realm of happiness this year by meeting Sadia and Erin. Living in Tucson is so great but finding true soulmate girlfriends makes everything so much better and more enjoyable. It's changed my work life, personal life, and even home life, all for the better. I don't think I even realized how badly I was craving female companionship until I started hanging out with these ladies this August. Life is good. All is well. 

Have a wonderful holiday! I will be off and on for the next week as I'm back home in Illinois, but I should have a new recipe and workout later this week as long as everything goes according to plan :) Part of healthy living is taking a little time to loosen the reigns, right? Right. :)


  1. OOO next time you're in SD, let me know! I am in LA :) The funny thing is though is that in the 3 years that I've lived in LA, I haven't gone to SD! ha ha ha! But I would make an acception!!!! ;)

  2. You got AMAZING photos - the trip looked like a ton of fun! Merry Christmas!

  3. Aww of course! I'll guest post anytime :) Looks like you're having a blast and enjoying the warm(er) weather!! Yoga on the beach ftw.

  4. love the photos! very fun-- looks like you had a smashingly good time!

  5. Totally agreed, La Jolla is the BEST beach! I have so many photos of seals from there it's ridiculous. When I lived in San Diego, I would take every single visitor to La Jolla because it's just so beautiful!

    Sounds like a fab time, and great photos!

    -Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness