Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Ugh Miley Cyrus I hate you but can't get your stupid songs out of my head!!! I can't stop being busy! This weekend was sooooo busy! I have a love/hate relationship with being busy. I don't love it while it's happening, but the minute I don't have anything to do I am itching to get up. That's normal, right? Right. :)

Halloween parties are fun! I, the cat, Erin the cowgirl and Sadia the housewife went to a Halloween party all dressed up (sort of, on my part...I will admit a cat is a fairly lame attempt but I do love wearing face paint so it all works out).

Steven and I were finally both home for a weekend so we went and got sushi Friday and then hit up Bath and Body Works for the candle sales. These are the only candles we will buy for the kitchen and all the fall scents were 50% off. I mean........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing. Pumpkin pecan waffles is burning as I write this and I'm drooling at the deliciousness.

We also put doors on the RZR! Yay for more safety while off roading.

I did this because, well, you know. The last time I tried baby grasshopper was three weeks ago and I was nowhere near close. Decided to give it another shot last week and I felt pretty good about my form. Wild thing is one of my all time favorites.....love heart openers :)

Yes. Cuteness.

Dinner and drinks Friday after work!

And a weiner butt sticking out from under the covers on the couch Saturday morning. I die.

I went grocery shopping today and am excited to do some baking tomorrow! I'm also looking at a home Crossfit workout for tomorrow and Thursday, with yoga on alternating days. Trying to kick it into high gear so I can go alllllll out on Thanksgiving day!!

How marvelous was your weekend?


  1. Soooo busy ah! My weekend was much more low key but exactly what I needed. I'm getting sick now though so maybe not? Maybe I'll just turn this into an extended weekend and call in sick tomorrow...we shall see!

  2. You are sooo flexible I can't even handle it! I agree- I've been feeling so busy lately and it hasn't been the best feeling. But we will get through this together! xo

  3. Oh my gosh I love B&B! Those candles look so good I want to eat them! :) Looks like you had a nice weekend!

  4. I love your Monday posts!! They are so cheerful and happy! :)
    I need those candles!! You make a totally adorable kitty!

  5. I feel the same way about being busy! Love it to an extent and then I hate it. Alsoooo I have that SAME pumpkin caramel latte candle and let me tell you--it's wonderful. It'll make your whole house smell delicious.