WIAW #11

What I Ate Wednesday is here once again woo hoo!!! I hope the week is going great for you all so far. We're halfway to the weekend again! It's seriously insane how quickly the week goes by. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing this Fitnessista workout....oooh boy! I won't lie, at first I thought that it was going to be fairly simple, but it totally kicked my butt. Wayyyy harder than it appears, trust me!
 She also just came out with a new dance cardio workout DVD called Soli Beat with her friend Sasha....I haven't bought it yet but I have read some awesome reviews and everything she does is awesome anyway so you guys should definitely check it out! 

My WIAWs are usually all over the place but this one is even more so. Here is what I could remember to take pictures of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday....randomness....

Thanks Jenn for hosting!

Vanilla chai latte, Ezekiel toast with prickly pear jelly, and an egg white omelet with salsa and goat cheese

These FANTASTIC brownie pancakes...I know they look kind of super gross/weird here but it's just because I went overboard on the protein icing...they're delicious, trust me.

I know this isn't what I ate but I just had to share this dress that I am officially obsessed with. I have a TON of Modcloth dresses but this one takes the cake! (or pie). Seriously, how FREAKING ADORABLE is this dress!!??!?!? I die. Also, it's crazy how awesome girls' legs look when they put on heels...I mean my calves look great in those shoes! Then when you put flats on...it's just different :)

Ezekiel toast with Nutzo!! Ahhhhhhhh yes.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie (recipe tomorrow!)

Assorted veggies 

A couple of amazing bars from my last Kona Kase....

And here's a sleeping weiner to brighten your day!! I mean, how precious. How. Precious. 

I am all over the place right now with this post and I know it's crazy. Sorry! I'm in the process of having a new layout and design for my website put together so that's kind of on my mind right now!!

What was the most delicious thing YOU ate today?? Do you have a favorite website you shop at for clothes???



  1. I love that dress too! The Fitnessista workouts can be killer sometimes. I did her fall shape-up last year and she whooped my ass!

  2. I love your dress! So pretty! I was trying to figure out what those pancakes were and then I read the description! Lol!

  3. I LOVE the balance bars! SO tasty and great macros!!

    1. I know it was my first one and it was DELICIOUS!

  4. Pup = TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! :)

    And do you remember when you were little and thought Ezekiel bread was disgusting! OH I DO - but now everyone loves it! ha ha.

  5. Looking forward to the recipe of that pumpkin pie smoothie! These assorted veggies look fantastic too :-)

  6. yes i love the balance bars so many people fail at “healthy living”