What Do You Go "All In" for In Your Life? (And a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe!)

Hey guys!! I hope this Thursday is a good one for you. I had a little revelation last night at yoga...our "word" of the day was "all in". The instructor asked us, "How many things do you go all in for? How many things in your life do you put 100% of your effort and your being into because that's how much you believe in it?" I just thought.....um...uh.....crap. 

How many things do I put ONE HUNDRED PERCENT into because I believe in them so much?? What does 100% even really mean? I feel like I put close to 100% into my job but do I really? How many times have I gone home immediately after school because I'm exhausted instead of grading papers like I planned? Am I really putting my everything into teaching? Is it even a bad thing if I don't spend every second of my day absorbed in my job because I believe in it so much?

Do I put 100% into my health and fitness? I feel like this is the one that I'm pretty close on. I am eating clean/healthy 80/20. I've been slacking a little more on strength workouts but instead have replaced 2 a week with yoga, so I'm really doing pretty well on fitness just switching it up a little. Does this mean I'm giving everything I can to my body and health? Is it OK that I'm not consumed by these things but instead let them direct my life in a positive way and indulge every now and then instead of working myself to death trying to be perfectly healthy? Is that my 100%?

I don't know that I have a perfect answer to any of these million questions but it's just something to think about. What do you give 100% of yourself to? What do you so fiercely believe in that you would commit everything to it?

If you are thinking of something in particular, what are some ways you can put that 100% into it? what can you do to change your commitment levels?

What I CAN tell you is, when I made this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie earlier this week I gave 100% of myself to it! This is a delicious fall breakfast :)

Eat me! I'm delicious!

I decided to commit to the #moveyoasana challenge on Instagram! I'm 25 days in...oops...but I figured doing the last week of this challenge will get me prepared for their 10 day challenge at the beginning of October. Yesterday was toe stand pose...I did OK on both toes but one toe wasn't so hot..I could only hold it for about 3 seconds but I felt good that after 4 weeks of practice I could even get into it so I was happy. 

I'm working hard on my mermaid pose! For some reason I just think it looks so awesome. I know my form is crappy but I really like the idea of keeping a picture log to see how far I can progress. So this is picture #1 and hopefully in a few months my back will be much more straight up and down and my hips will be flexible enough to lay farther down, giving me proper form! PS my new Onzie leggings!!! So cute and bright!

Namaste :)



  1. So here's what I think, I don't like it's possible to go all in at everything all the time. I think you can only go all in at one thing at a time. Think of how many things you do a day: responsibilities, fun things, necessary things, etc. There are just not enough hours in the day or days in the week to be 100% at all times with everything. And I don't think it's healthy. I think being "all in" means that you have a goal and you commit to that goal and you reach it through baby steps over time. I don't think it means that you do everything 100% at once. Love the yoga poses!

    1. I agree....and someone else's 100 percent might not be mine. I could never be as dedicated as a bodybuilder or competitor!! Thanks for the response and encouragement :)

  2. Can we talk about how you're a total yoga pro and have only been doing it for a month! So impressive. Look at your yogi flexibility! I'd call that 100%!

    1. Ahhh thank you! I definitely was not this flexible 4 weeks ago. I've never seen progress in anything so quickly so it's pushing me to practice more and more!