Monday is back again. This weekend was marvelous indeed and I"m excited to share all I did with you guys!

I'll just jump right in :)

Spent quite a bit of time with Rodney :) Steven just bought a brand new Nikon D3200 and I had fun playing around with it doing what I do best....taking pictures of our pup! I've just never seen anything more adorable in my life. Obvs.

Elephant Trunk

Lots of yoga this weekend! I went to class yesterday but also spent time practicing the #moveyoasana poses and FINALLY got Eight Angle pose!! I have been practicing and trying to get this pose down since my second yoga class a month ago and I finally accomplished it. I can't even explain to you how elated I was when I got it and then realized I could hold it for 30 seconds or so. I think this is why I'm quickly becoming so addicted to yoga....progress is evident and is a huge feeling of accomplishment. With weight lifting, you can go up in weight, which is awesome, but to me it's not nearly the same high as being able to do a pose that last week I couldn't do. I never thought for a second I could do some of the stuff I am doing now. I'm loving it! 

Aaand on the flip side, a pose that desperately needs work! My heron pose exhibits one main reason I wanted to start yoga...my flexibility is uh....just...not. Haha. Especially my hamstrings! Hamstrings and hips are two areas that are tight for me on a daily basis so I knew this post would be tough for Day 27 and it definitely was. Practice practice practice!

Pumpkin Protein Cake!! Hello, beautiful :) Recipe tomorrow!

Last week was Banned Books Week and I had a blast discussing this stuff with my kids, which is perfect since we are finishing The Hunger Games this week.

It was a friend's birthday yesterday and I had so much fun baking this cake with another friend! 

It was definitely a marvelous weekend. Today I am thankful for my health. Just having the ability to breathe, see, hear, smell, move around and walk is a huge blessing that I take for granted too often. Today I am here, I am alive, and I am thankful.

Have a great one, guys! Did you do anything marvelous this weekend??



  1. I love seeing all your yoga poses! They are so awesome. Excited for that recipe tomorrow! :)

    1. Thanks!! Hope you like the pumpkin protein cake recipe...just put it up and now I'm going to the kitchen to make it again :)

  2. Your yoga photos are really motivating me to go to a class!! Great work!

    Marvelous in my weekend was getting 11 hours of sleep on Thursday night! :)

    1. Thank you! 11 hours seriously sounds amazing....so jealous!