Fall Into Change: How I'm Making This Fall The Best Yet

Change is upon us, people! Well, not quite as much in Tucson as the rest of the country but still. It's coming. Not only in the weather either! Fall is a great time to make changes in your life as well. The leaves are changing, the temp is cooling down, our fall boots and scarves come out of storage and it's the perfect time for a fresh start. I'm committed to making some changes this fall and I want to share them with you. Some of them are small, some of them are big, but they're all focused on positive changes.

1) First, and I think biggest, is making an effort to be more positive. I would definitely classify myself as a realist. I'm not pessimistic but I definitely don't sugar coat things or fart rainbows all day long, if you catch my drift. It's really easy for me to become frustrated with work and to let that seep into my life outside of work. Last night I sat down and thought about all the things that have been frustrating me lately, and I realized that the majority of them are out of my control. I spend too much time talking about the negative aspects of my job I think, especially because I really do love what I do. Seriously. Teaching is what I'm supposed to be doing; I really believe that. However, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the little things and to focus on those instead of the positive. So! I am committed to spending more time talking about positives and letting the negatives slip out of my mind when I leave work.

2) Spend every day focusing on one thing I'm thankful for. This kind of goes with number 1. I have a LOT to be thankful for and I don't spend enough time focusing on those things. My goal is to do just that every day!

3) Take more time to sit and read. I LOVE to read..obviously...I'm an English teacher! During the school year though I tend to get caught up in other things and don't read for pleasure as much. That needs to change....I miss books and I think they miss me :)

4) Be more organized. I am a cluttery person, for sure. Yes I just made that word up. I tend to come home and leave my clothes in a pile. At work I let papers pile up and don't organize (or grade!) them in a timely manner. I am committed to working on organizing my life a little better.

5) Get my butt to the gym after work. I am loving all of the yoga I've been doing but I really miss heavy lifting sessions in the gym. I'm doing one a week right now and my body is just happier when I do at least three a week. 

6) Let the little things go. Are you seeing a pattern here? :) Have you ever lived with a significant other? With your parents, even? Do you spend a TON of time with the same person (bf, gf, best friend?) Sometimes it's hard to not get annoyed with every little thing that other person does. This fall, I am getting over the little stuff. Easy, right!!?? :)

I'm hoping that focusing on these things will allow me to be a little more relaxed and less uptight, and also just make me more stress free. I feel like I always need to be in control of everything and things need to be done my way, but that's just not how life goes. So....I am going to make these changes. And to start, here's my thankful thing for today: My family!

Both families :) Seeing some of the homes that my students come from breaks my heart, no matter how much they drive me crazy. I couldn't be more lucky to have a close knit family that cares about me and one another so much. The older I grow the closer I feel to them, especially after I moved. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. Then I have my other family, Rodney and Steven! The best two guys anyone could have. This picture is from the day we got Rodney two years ago. I'm very grateful to have the support system that I do.

So I'll leave you with this because I think it kind of sums everything up: 

Also! Day 26 of the #moveyoasana challenge on Instagram: Marichyasana III

A fantastic way to end the night!

In case you missed it, go check out fantastic Kammie's blog!! I did a guest post on tips to meal planning :) Have a great Friday and a great weekend!


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  1. Here's hoping your fall comes together and you have a fab new season! Love your adorable families - it's always great to know we've got people there for us when we need them.
    I am beginning again today after a pretty bad few weeks food wise and just feeling down - some bad news yesterday is spurring me on to get myself as healthy as I can and be strong for someone close to me.