Soda Cupcakes

Beware: Looooots of pictures ahead!

So I think it appears that I only make desserts.....I keep finding  good dessert recipes and sharing them and you all probably think I have a problem...but I promise I eat other food too! I know I've gotten off track a little bit with all the sweets but 1) that's just kind of been my situation this summer...lots of desserts for Steven's office paired with boring everyday food and 2) everyone's always looking for ways to satisfy their sweet tooth without completing screwing up all of the healthy eating and working out they did that day, so healthy dessert posts can't be THAT bad, right? Right.

We went to a dinner party Friday and I volunteered to bring cupcakes. In college my friend Jill and I made soda cake for the guys that lived in the apartment next to me. Obviously that means we made the cake, took it next door, and then sat down and ate some of it....and all I remember is that it was AWESOME. 

The whole "soda cake" thing is pretty popular by now. I think most people have heard of it. If you haven't, here's what it is: 1 box cake mix + 12 ounces of soda = CAKE. Or cupcakes. And they are ooooooh so yummy...super soft and moist.

The point of substituting oil and eggs and butter with soda is that you drastically cut down the calories of the treat and also cut down on sugar and fat. Neither Steven nor I drink soda, and it's really not good for you at all, so even though this is a healthier option it's still obviously not as good as, say, eating some fruit instead. But you know what? Sometimes you just NEED a freaking cupcake. So this is a great alternative!

Want to make it even healthier? Ditch the regular icing and grab fat free (or even better- organic) cool whip and mix it with one of these: 1) PB2 2) Chocolate protein powder 3) your choice of flavored dry JELLO mix! However, I knew my audience at this party and tried not to make it TOO healthy :)

Be careful with your soda/cake pairings. I used Sprite with Funfetti! (That's a 20 oz bottle...I measured out 12 oz). Mix light and light, dark and dark. Example: 7Up with vanilla, Coke or Cherry Coke with chocolate, etc.

New muffin tin and cute cupcake liners!

Mix soda and dry cake mix.

Follow the rest of the baking instructions on the box. 

I used icing dye from Michael's to make hot pink icing!

How cute are these??!! And I promise the the soda cupcakes are not only a healthier option than following the regular instructions, but they are BETTER TASTING! SOOOO moist and soft! Definitely give these a try! No one will be able to tell the difference :)

So after talking on the phone all day to NASM, talking to the university I originally signed up for, and getting reviews and opinions from multiple people, I have decided to forgo the university classes and become a NASM certified personal trainer. I can't explain how excited I am. I'm so looking forward to getting all the information from these classes. This is something I'm so interested in and I can't wait to delve into all of the knowledge! The big bonus, obviously, is that after taking the CPT exam I will be a nationally certified personal trainer! I will have the ability to coach people in both fitness and health/meal plans. I'm not positive what I'll do with this in the future but I know that it is going to be an awesome step for me. Wish me luck!


OK real food! I've been making pepper pasta almost every day this week! It's been awhile and I'm so glad I've rediscovered this dish. Two things have taken this to the next level: ground turkey and the new marinara sauce I bought! It is from the Whole Foods 365 brand and is sun dried tomato basil marinara. It's DELICIOUS! This might sound weird but seriously it's better tasting than the homemade marinara I have made in the past. I've been freaking out about pepper pasta again and I'm loving it! It's the perfect lunch or dinner. Go make it!

Last night I ruined dinner :( so made a random salad...turkey bacon, feta, strawberries, almonds, romaine, and a little of this new dressing! Also from Whole Foods and so good.

Aaaand last night I was craving mug cake so that's just what happened. You can get the recipe for this little beauty here :)

About a half mile from my house. It's not raining where I'm driving but definitely is up ahead....so cool!

This is getting too long. I like to talk. I have a tendency to ramble. It happens.

Do you have any experience getting certified as a personal trainer? Any good soda cake experiences? Share away!! Also, don't forget I am officially signed up on Bloglovin. Click here to follow me, or follow me through Google+ on the right hand side of my home page :)

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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