Naturebox and a Weekend Recap

Well folks, another week to chalk up. This one was pretty rough. A lot of personal issues going on over here and if anyone has a minute to send up a prayer I would appreciate it! Life gets rough sometimes. Just gotta pick yourself up and move on.

Anywho...I got my first Naturebox on Friday! In my KlutchClub review last week I mentioned that I had ordered both to compare. When I opened the Naturebox I was initially underwhelmed.

All of the packaging looked exactly the same and I got 5 different items...three big bags, three small bags, and only 5 different snacks. I wasn't really that excited about it.

I looked at the different bags. In it I got Tuscan Summer Mix of nuts and seeds in Italian seasoning, Tart and Tangy Fruit Medley, Cherry granola, Mango Almond Bites, and South Pacific Plantains (2 big bags). I wasn't really sure how I was going to eat any of these. What I mean is, these aren't the kind of snacks that I normally reach for. I don't want a handful of something usually...I want a bar or a piece of fruit...one solid item to eat. I set the box to the side and decided I would just stick with KlutchClub. To me, I liked the idea of getting 7-9 unique and different items from different brands.

Two hours later I pulled out my oats and wanted to make a nice bfast cookie dough cereal. I glanced over at my Naturebox...I mean why not throw that granola on top? I put the granola on, the fruit medley, and mango almond bites. 
It. Was. Delicious!

I've been snacking on the plantains and the Tuscan mix. I also put the Tuscan mix on a salad and it was great! I think I'm going to go ahead and  get another Naturebox and KlutchClub next week. I didn't think at first I was going to like it but I definitely do! It's a group of new foods that I normally wouldn't eat and I really ended up liking everything they sent me. 

Other highlights from the weekend: opened my new C4 preworkout drink..uhhhh it's like 1/3 of the way full. Is this normal???

New Ellie tank!

Oatmeal with Naturebox snacks.

TIU meetup on Saturday morning with Jen :)

My NASM materials came in!!! I start my class today!

Nap time on the couch Saturday :) What a little weiner.

Country dancing this weekend :) I went out with some coworkers and ran into one of my boyfriend's best friend (top left corner) and we danced all night! Then my boyfriend randomly showed up!! (in the wheelchair). So we showed everyone up on the dance floor. (And apparently one of the friends of the guy in the top left corner couldn't handle his stuff and passed out in the street...I don't know that guy). 

That's all for today. This week I will have a new salad recipe, Quest Bar pop tart, and buffalo chicken meatballs! Have a great Monday.

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