Fitness and Fashion Can Go Hand in Hand! A Review of Ellie.com

Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation to go work out. You're tired, you're bored with your workout, basically ya just don't feel like it. Been there, done that. For me, one of the best motivating factors to get to the gym is new gym clothes! Getting a cute new tank or pair of capris entices me a little more to get my butt up and get moving.

BUT. Clothes are expensive; especially nice gym clothes. When you're looking for high quality fabrics and cute designs, prices can be kind of ridiculous. Enter Ellie! This is hands down the best activewear brand I have found and I'm completely in love!

What do I mean by "best"?
-High quality fabric that doesn't shrink, pill, and is thick
-Adorable and unique designs, created by fashion experts who are constantly studying up-to-date trends

Ellie can be used as a subscriber account (what I do) or you can buy items individually. However, the subscriber program is really much more beneficial. The membership means that you get two pieces from the new month's collection every month for $50.00. A new collection of about 24 pieces comes out every month! You can pick your two pieces, or if you forget or don't feel like it, Ellie workers will pick two for you based on your style profile.

Similar to JustFab or ShoeDazzle, when you become a member you fill out a style profile. Because I pick my pieces myself, the profile doesn't mean much to me. But if you want, Ellie will customize your collection and pick pieces for you based off of what you like to wear when you work out. Do you prefer Tshirts to tanks? Shorts to capris? Bold colors or neutrals? All of these categories and more will be covered.

Why become a member? Um, why not??!!
Seriously though, other than the obvious (you get new gym clothes every MONTH)...it's also a better deal money-wise. Each item is around $60-$65 individually. When you are a member, you can skip any month you want and your card will not be billed. Therefore, it kind of just makes sense to become a member :)

Here are some pieces from previous collections (which you can buy from anytime, not just the specific month it is released):

(Can you tell they really like unique backs??)

These are just a few examples! Each collection has unique and cute, fashion-forward pieces that most importantly WORK for the gym. The fabrics are sweat-wicking, comfortable, and flattering. 

I highly suggest trying out Ellie!
If you do, and you want to throw a little cred my way, you can use this link and I get $20 off a month's pieces :)



  1. OMG I just did an Ellie post hahah I LOOOOOVE their stuff, so comfortable and cute!


    1. I KNOW!!!! They're amazing! I can't wait for the new collection this week :)

  2. Love this post about fitness & fashion! OMG those tops are adorable!! I want one!

    1. The new July collection comes out this week! I highly suggest checking out a few pieces they are perfection :)

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