An Intro to 5K's

Themed runs have become super popular over the last few years. Last year I really wanted to try one but I couldn't find anyone to run with me and I was a little nervous. I enjoy running to an extent...I have spent the last 4 years going through spurts: I'll run every day for two months straight and then I don't do it again for three months. I have a bad right hip and right knee and running is really hard on those so it's kind of an up and down thing. Anyway, this year I decided it was time to change! I found a few friends who were interested and we tackled three 5ks so far this year!

We ran Color Me Rad, Kiss Me Dirty, and the Warrior Dash.


The great thing about all of these races, and the reason that I was attracted to them, is they aren't hardcore competitions. They're fun! It doesn't really matter how fast you run the 3.1 miles (although you definitely can choose to keep track and try to pull out a personal best). Many people walk some, or even all, of the race. Mainly, people are there to have a good time and have some fun. All three of these runs are great for beginners or people who are not "runners"!

So you're not a "runner", but you want to run a fun run 5K? There are tons of guides online that help you get started. One of the most popular is the "Couch to 5K". This is a basic guideline to building up your running endurance to get you to the point to where you can run the race without stopping (ideally). 

The chart lays out every day of running for you so there's no guesswork! If you've never run before and are contemplating a 5K, I would definitely use this chart or some form of it (google Couch to 5k...you'll get a million hits) to get started.

So you're signed up for a run, you've got your program to get started. Not sure what to wear? For any color runs or mud runs (or any run that you will finish much less cleaner than you began), definitely wear clothes that you won't mind throwing away at the end if they get ruined. I know that seems like an obvious statement but you'd be surprised at how many people wear cute clothes and think it will just wash out. I also don't recommend wearing shoes that you value dearly. After all three of my runs I washed my shoes in the washing machine, but they still have traces of pink and blue powder and then brown spots from the two mud runs I ran. Luckily I brought an old pair of shoes...if you bring colored shoes you might not be left with any stains but I for one am not taking that chance with my $100 neon Nike Free Runs :)

Have you run any fun runs lately? Do you have any tips for people new to running?

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