A Light Pasta Dish + Trying New Things

I'm not typically a big pasta eater, but my eating habits are starting to change a little now that I'm on the James Wilson Body Earned program. I track everything that I eat in My Fitness Pal and I'm eating 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat. This is a hard balance to perfect! I've gotten to a pretty good place in terms of protein and fat but I'm consistently low on carbs. Enter: Ezekiel bread, rice cakes and whole wheat pasta. 

The other thing that I'm struggling with on the program is the amount of calories. I've been pretty plateaued in terms of body change for the last year. Body Earned has showed me that I was 1) eating too much natural sugar to see change 2) not eating enough carbs and 3) not eating enough calories. I consistently eat 5-6 meals a day so I was pretty surprised about the calorie thing. However, on workout days I need to be eating about 1760-1800 calories, and non workout days around 1450. Both of those are pretty high for me. I feel full pretty much all day long and always go to bed feeling like my stomach is bloated out...but sure enough, just like James Wilson told me, in the morning my abs are even more defined and my body is making awesome changes. I've lost two inches at my waist in the last 4 weeks...that's pretty cool.  

ANYWAY. So I finally got to Whole Foods yesterday (yayyy) and spent wayyy too much money, but got some of the specialized things I can't get at Fry's so it was worth the 40 minute drive. Some specialized items include: Ezekiel bread and tortillas, coconut butter (and oil, but you can typically get that at most grocery stores), flavored kale chips, Justin's Almond Butter (more on that below), yams (not sweet potatoes, just to switch it up), and kombucha (more below). 

For dinner last night I quickly made a pasta dish that was light and filling. I didn't really have a recipe, just kind of used what was in the fridge.

I put together:

2 cups whole wheat pasta uncooked (made 3 servings)
1 cup cooked chicken
1 container fresh organic bella mushrooms (washed and sliced)
2 gloves garlic
1 cup diced tomatoes (from can) seasoned with various spices and heated on stove
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp coconut oil (to cook mushrooms and chicken in)

It was great! Very light and the mushrooms were so good.

(See my turkey muffins in the back? Prepping!!)

OK so kombucha. I have been hearing so many things about it and have wanted to try it but was a little nervous because 1) how it's made kind of weirds me out and 2) I knew it was going to be very vinegary. So I went ahead and grabbed a GT's Synergy Citrus Kombucha. I'm undecided as to how I feel about it. The smell was not wonderful....it just smelled like straight vinegar, but more than that, the floaty things in it completely freaked me out. The taste was good though! I just felt like I kept trying to avoid the floaters. I think I will try it again, but I'm planning on grabbing a berry flavor. I think I'll like that more and also the darker color might mask the floaters. If you like kombucha, want to know more about it and why it's good for you, or are looking for a recipe on how to make it, I really suggest checking out this post from The Fitnessista.  She made her own and also goes into detail on the best points of kombucha and why you should try it!

The other product I have been hearing about a lot lately is Justin's Almond Butter. There are many flavors and it's supposed to be one of the best almond butters out there. I went ahead and picked up the vanilla flavor yesterday in Whole Foods....ajfoihariuaejr new obsession. SO DELICIOUS. However, it was a little pricey and it prompted me to do a little research on Pinterest...almond butter is scarily easy to make. Even though I just bought this yesterday finding a recipe to make it on your own got me excited and I think I'm going to make my own batch today or tomorrow, so I'll post that recipe this weekend :) Have a fantastic Thursday!! Make good decisions!! 


  1. Kombucha is delicious, I love it!! My favorite flavors are the Gingerade and the Trilogy, try them sometime!
    I like justin's ab too but never tried the vanilla flavor. The chocolate flavors (both almond and hazelnut) are a huge treat, sooo good! I only buy them on single serving packets though as I would not trust myself with an entire jar in the house :)

  2. Yeah I'm willing to give the kombucha another try...so many people love it! And yeah Justin's is amaaaaazing...the hype was all true :)

  3. How many calories were you eating before you started the program?! I've been in a similar place with a plateau and though I truly believe James that I need to increase I just get so nervous!

  4. The first day I used MFP I just ate normally and logged everything to see where I was at. I was eating about 1100 calories, which I was surprised at because I felt like I was eating a lot more, but not so much :( I was DEFINITELY nervous to up my calories because now I just always feel full but it seriously has worked!