Zuzana Light

So I've been a big fan of Bodyrock for the last 8 or 9 months but have kind of begun looking for other home workouts. Bodyrock has great workouts but the pictures and workout titles have been too creepy/sexy for me. I am not really interested in watching Lisa Marie (the main host) workout in literally her underwear and a tube top while her fake DD boobs are motionless and the camera zooms in on them constantly. Also it's supposed to be short, HIIT workouts that anyone can do at home with almost any equpitment, but now they use about 8 different products that frankly I can't afford ($150 for equalizer bars!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?) I sometimes go there to look at the printouts but the whole site has just become something that I'm not really interested in. (This is a huge controvery...google "Bodyrock pornification" and you'll find millions of links) Anyway Zuzana, one of the founders of Bodyrock went off to do her own thing and has really great workouts so I've been doing those a lot lately.

Her latest workout (here) was what I did Saturday. It was three rounds of the following exercises:

1) 10 lunge twist press with weight
2) 10 cross leg push ups
3) 15 reps cross body kick (15 left leg, then 15 right leg)
4) 10 four point touches with weights
5) 10 bench jumps

Gah she's ripped...one day!

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