OK so I am also planning on posting the Crossfit workouts that I do on here for others to take a look at and hopefully try. I have a gym membership at an amazing gym (the U of A gym) but my new job this year has me 15 minutes outside of town in the direct opposite direction than the gym, so it's about a 40 minute drive in and around 4 pm is when it gets scary busy! I have been working out at home most days and going into town on the weekends when Steven has practices, which works out very nicely. Over the last 6 months or so I have accumulated a very nice collection of equipment for my "home gym", most importantly being my new sandbag that Steven got me for Christmas :) I use it for almost every workout! I also just bought a pull up Iron Gym bar which has taken my workouts to a new level, because now I can do pull ups, knees to elbows, leg hangs and toes to bar. 

Yesterday I did The Chief workout, and today after work I did Jodie. If you decide to try, good luck! They will both leave you seriously sore and tired, which is exactly what you want :) Also, during and after workouts I like to drink coconut water (I usually go for Zico). It re-hydrates your body and replenishes the electrolytes in your muscles and tastes delicious! 

The most important thing I can say for the workouts is you really have to make them work for you. For example, in Jodie, the thrusters were originally wall ball shots. I don't have a 10 foot wall, or a medicine ball, so I replaced them with thrusters, which is working the same muscles. Also, if you find you can't do all of the reps, then don't! Make it work for YOU. Bring the number down, or try doing it all in reps of 10 and doing 3 sets, or something similar. The worst thing you can do is overwork your body and injure yourself. It's not about the number but more about making sure you're working your body as hard as you can without overworking. Enjoy!

*If you don't know what a certain workout is, you can definitely ask by leaving a comment, or Youtube/Google the exercise. If you do that, I would type something like, "Push Press Crossfit", because sometimes Crossfit exercises can be performed differently than the way other types of fitness perform them. 

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