About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Paige and I'm just a mid-20s girl trying to juggle my job, a healthy lifestyle, and a ton of other things :)

My interest in fitness really started at a very young age. I grew up in a tiny town in Illinois in a family that was extremely sports oriented. As a kid I played softball, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, gymnastics, clogging, and was in track and field. Once I got to high school I decided to focus on the few that I was really interested in: cheerleading, gymnastics, volleyball, and track for one year. I was constantly conditioning and staying active, so I was able to eat pretty much whatever I want and still stay in good shape. 

Once I got to college, things changed. I went from being really active to pretty much no activity whatsoever. I wasn't interested in going to the gym but I didn't want to gain weight. I spent my first two years of college trying (and mostly failing) to count calories and keep my number down. My junior year I started going to the gym with a friend. This is when my mindset truly began to change. I started working out a lot, but I still didn't realize what I NEEDED to be doing, which was eating healthy and weight training with a little cardio. I thought cardio was the end all be all! I would do 2 hours of cardio at the gym and occasionally do light bicep curls and sit ups or side crunches. I continued to eat pretty much whatever I wanted.

My senior year of college was the beginning of my smartest move yet! I stopped counting my calories and just focused on eating healthy. I switched to whole wheat everything: bread, pasta, etc. I tried focusing on eating veggies and fruit. I was making healthy changes but I still didn't realize that cardio wasn't the most important part of physical activity.

A week after graduating college I moved to Tucson, AZ, where my boyfriend was getting ready to finish his last semester at the U of A. I happened to stumble across a website called ToneItUp.com. These two girls changed my outlook on living a healthy lifestyle! Karena and Katrina, based out of southern California, live a healthy life eating lean, green, and clean, and incorporate cardio and weight training. Buying their nutrition plan a year ago introduced me to clean eating and weight lifting, and that's what I have been striving for for the last year. 

I am currently in the last weeks of an amazing fitness program called James Wilson's Body Earned. It has introduced me to heavy lifting and macros to get my body as lean and fit as it can possibly get! My eating has changed a little but I am still eating clean foods and viewing my body like the machine that it is, that deserves the best possible fuel. I am constantly trying out new exercises, fitness programs, and testing different foods, but my mentality of eating clean and staying active will always be the basis for all of my decisions. If you want any information on TIU, Body Earned, Bodyrock, Zuzana Light, home Crossfit, or Jamie Eason's LiveFit, these are all programs I have tried and I am more than happy to spread the knowledge of all of these fantastic people and their programs.

All of my recipes are healthy, and most are completely clean. I do a lot of substitutions when cooking, especially baking. Most of the recipes I find are found on the Body Earned Fbook page or on Pinterest. You can follow my Pinterest boards on the homepage of Fit Not Fad, and I always tag where I get original recipes, whether I alter them or not. 

If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!! :)

I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina with my mini dachshund, Rodney, and teach 7th grade Language Arts.

My family, who lives in Illinois

Me with Rodney the weiner :)


  1. OMG!! I just found your blog through Sweat Pink Ambassadors. I live in Phoenix, but we are planning a trip to the Tucson area soon. Btw your dog is adorable, but I'm bias b/c I have doxie too.. They are the best.


    1. Awesome! Tucson is amazing I love it here :) Uhhhh doxies are literally the best breed of any dog, ever. EVER. They're so stinking cute!

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