Weekly Meal Prepping

Happy Wednesday! Today I thought I would share my meal prep for this week.

I am a HUGE believer in structure and routine. I know not everyone is, but personally, it's how I thrive and function best, and one of the biggest components of this is meal prepping. Meal prepping is one of the structured daily events I think benefits everyone, even if you aren't someone who normally likes everything planned out. Every Sunday Tommy and I spend about an hour to two hours getting my meals ready for the week. When I know exactly what I'm going to be eating next, it takes other options off the table and I am not going to be nearly as tempted to eat something unhealthy that was brought into work. Also, I have a 1.5-2 hour one way commute to work, and so I'm gone for 13 hours a day. I don't know about you guys but when I don't eat I am extremely unpleasant to be around. So, I make it a point to corral my boyfriend and we knock out my meals so that I am prepped for every day.

I thought it might be fun to lay out what I have for this week and maybe give you some ideas. I eat the same meals pretty much weakly. So whatever we plan for my lunch, my snacks, etc. I make enough for at least one week. Some people may not be as interested in eating the same thing over and over, but for me it's helpful and comforting.

So for this week I have:

Breakfast (Not pictured): Frozen breakfast burritos with eggs, spinach, and feta in a whole wheat tortilla, and coffee with cashew milk and Stevia

Snack 1: Quest Bars and carrot apple ginger juice, pressed at home. Side note* I LOVE LOVE LOVE Quest Bars but they are a) really expensive and b) processed so I don't usually get to eat them too often. However, Tommy went to Meijer and they had MINT CHOCOLATE and he understands my obsession for all things mint chocolate. Also Meijer usually always only has the cookie dough and double fudge bars so the fact that they had this flavor was a true miracle. So he bought them for me! Lucky me. 

Snack 2: Two hard boiled eggs, OR two Greek yogurt and oatmeal blueberry muffins, depending on how many muffins I had to work with this week :) I also don't always eat a second snack; it just depends on my schedule and how I'm feeling that day

Lunch: Mixed greens salad with red bell pepper, tomato, goat cheese and salmon with a lemon vinaigrette

Snack 3 (For my commute home): Greek yogurt with blackberries, chia seeds, and hemp hearts

And that's it! Tommy physically cannot eat the same thing two nights in a row (weirdo) so we do  mostly different dinners each night. This week we made homemade Margarita pizza with ginger and soy broccoli, and a balsamic pot roast with carrots and potatoes, which he will be forced to eat multiple nights in a row because pot roast makes like 18 servings. 

Our refrigerators look like this most Sundays. I swear we could buy stock in Tupperware...we have three shelves dedicated to it. And eggs. All the eggs. All the time.

And that's it for this week! Making your meals ahead of time is so so so beneficial. It takes the thinking out of the process so that you don't end up starving and running to the fridge when you're ready to eat only to find nothing there, and then grabbing a bag of dark chocolate chips and just eating that for lunch. Which may have happened to me a time or two in the past :)

Do you like to meal prep? What are your thoughts on leftovers?


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