Refreshing Green Smoothie

Good morning loves! I've had a nice week off from blogging but am happy to be back...for now! I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me. I will be going between Lincoln (where I'm at now), St. Louis, Chicago, and Asheville for the next few weeks! 

One thing I've been trying hard to do is stay on track with my eating while I'm here. What's helped is planning things ahead of time, to make sure my grocery shopping is as efficient as possible. This smoothie has been my go-to every morning for the last week!

1-2 handfuls spinach/kale
1/3 of a cucumber
One small apple
 Lemon juice
Coconut oil
Protein powder (optional)
Cayenne pepper (optional)
Honey or agave

This is probably one of the best smoothies I've ever made, I think. It's kind of a hodgepodge of a few different green smoothies I've tried before. It's so delicious, refreshing, and is just the perfect way to start off the day on the right track.

Do you like green smoothies? They're a fantastic way to sneak in some of your greens for the day. I promise you can't even taste the spinach or kale! Since I've given up meat I've been focusing on getting my greens and veggies in every meal. This smoothie is the perfect way to knock a couple of those things out, with the greens and cucumber! 

Here are a few pictures as of late....it's been busy round these parts :)

Obviously, lots of yoga. But! I ventured out of my comfort zone and ran a 5K with my family. It was pretty cool. Not just because it was for melanoma, which my grandfather has, but because my whole family did it. I finished last out of the 5 of us but luckily not by much :) I'm definitely missing the mountains but I am enjoying all of the green the Midwest has to offer!

Do you sneak your greens into your smoothies? Do you prefer kale or spinach?


  1. The smoothie looks awesome, Paige :D And your yoga pics are awesome!

    1. Thanks girl! That smoothie was amazing....I've been drinking it almost every morning!

  2. I love kale! I will put it in smoothies or juices. So good. I love having a kale green juice with watermelon. It is the perfect balance of sweet and green!

    You look amazing in all of your yoga poses!

    1. Same! It's taken me a while to adjust to kale but now I love it. That juice with watermelon sounds sooooooo good and summery!

  3. I definitely prefer spinach but sneak some kale into a lot of my green juices. I keep forgetting to buy ginger and I've been missing it in my juices! It just gives it a nice flavor.

    I love that pic of Rodney yawning, too cute!

    -- Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

    1. Ahhhhh I have become addicted to ginger I think...I've been putting it in everything! And yes my little weenie is adorable, thank you for noticing :)

  4. congrats on the 5k!! Also I truly have no idea how your body bends like that but it is SUPER impressive!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun! And thank you again about the yoga :) You are one of the few who have been with me since the beginning of my yoga journey and know how hard I have been working at it!

  5. Sounds like a delicious Green drink! I will definitely give it a try! You know dear I love drinking health drinks. These drinks keep me healthy and energetic. Thank you so much for this great recipe!