May Favorites

Happy Friday! I am so glad it's the weekend. I am super excited to leave for DC early tomorrow morning but am sad to leave Rodney for a whole week :( I know he will be in good hands with Aunt Erin though :)

It's been a busy week but in honor of the beginning of May I think I it's time I did another Friday Favorites. I really miss those posts so I'm linking up with Heather again today.
Housewife Glamour

Let's start off with my very favorite meme in the world....I'm sorry but this is hilarious. Every year I wait until I can post this..

Matcha green tea! I love having the latte in the morning and it's so easy and good for you. It's a perfect pick me up!

This healthy and vegan cookie dough......it's amazing. Recipe to come soon!

So after getting rid of Sirius XM, I have been re-introduced to regular radio and guess what! There aren't many English channels that come through well in Tucson. So I've been listening to looooots of Mexican music. And....I like it? My kids gave me a few Pandora stations to listen to in class and so now this is what I'm listening to on my walks with Rodney every night as well.....Tucson is transforming me. 

Vega sport pre-workout! I'm seriously a pre-workout junkie. I'm excited to review this one.

Me at the wedding I was in last weekend....they straightened part of my hair! It was weird. But I liked it. For one night :) I'm pretty partial to my curls. I feel like a different person with straight hair....it's not me.

My mermaid pose for one of the last days of #springfeveryogis! I love how this picture turned out and am glad I chose my favorite Free People dress to wear for it. I feel like a real mermaid in it! 

Life Update: I'm still looking for jobs! I'm so stressed it makes the stress I felt a month ago feel like a joke almost. Please sent prayers and vibes my way....at this point I'll take a job almost anywhere! I have applied to multiple states because I just need SOMETHING so that I know I'm going to have a paycheck after the summer. I have no idea where I'm going to end up but I just have to think that for each job I don't get, it just means something better is waiting.

Off to D.C.!!!! I will have a lot of amazing women guest posting for me next week so you have some great recipes, workouts, and tips to look forward to. 

What is your "Friday favorite" thing right now? Mine is that it's so warm out. I'm loving ending the day in a tank and shorts by the pool.


  1. Good luck on the job hunt! Sending positive energy your way!

  2. Good luck with job hunting. It can be so difficult but I know things will work out for you in the end!

    Your hair looks so pretty at that wedding. It's so different but I love it!

    Also, so not fair to tease me with that vegan cookie dough and then say recipe coming soon!!!!! :)

    Have a great time in DC.

  3. Have a great trip and sending you so many good vibes, lovely!!!

  4. Love the mermaid picture too! It's so pretty and I also love your dress.

    That cookie dough sounds delish :)

    Good luck with getting a job!! It'll happen soon, just keep plugging away at that resume sending Paige!

    - Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness