A Marvelous D.C. Trip Recap

Happy Monday! I had a blast in Washington D.C. but really am happy to be back home with Rodney :) I have a lot of pictures from the trip (and even some #sunshineyogis pictures) so I'll just let them do the talking. My trip really was marvelous! We got to do so many cool things.

US Marine Corps Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

The White House! I waited for Obama to come out so I could give him a few tips and pointers but he didn't show :)

US Supreme Court Building

Library Of Congress

Capitol Building

A bonus: Botanical Gardens AND #sunshineyogis picture!

Delicious tea I got at the Museum of the American Indian

These are two girls I've known since 4th grade! They both live in D.C. so I got to meet up with them while I was there!

WWII Memorial

Walking from the WWII Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial....GREEEEN!!

Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument

My kids wanted to join in for Warrior II for #sunshineyogis! How cool is that?!

Lincoln Memorial

Mount Vernon

Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? My favorite part was Mt. Vernon and the National Archives. 


  1. Love all of your pictures!! I have always wanted to go to DC! One day I'll make it out there :)

  2. omg you're jumping so high! Hehe! This looked like such a fantastic trip!

    Have a beautiful week, darling!

  3. What a lovely time! You are by far the queen of yoga :D

  4. Amazing pictures! I am very impressed that you got all the kids to do the yoga pose.

  5. Gahhh I love DC. I'm so glad you had a good time and were able to meet up with your frannnns :)

  6. I've been to DC twice, although the second time I didn't do much site seeing as it was a business trip. I also really loved Mt. Vernon.

  7. So beautiful!!!! I absolutely love DC at this time of you! Glad you and the kids had a blast :)

  8. Looks like an awesome trip :) I love the picture of the Warrior II :D