Vega Bar Review

Happy Wednesday! Each day this week brings me closer and closer to my D.C. trip and I'm seriously so excited I can't stand it!

When I travel, I'm pretty good at packing some legit snacks. Airport food is ridiculously expensive (seriously gross expensive) and I'm a fan of snacking, so I like to pack stuff! Also, if you know me at all I'm a big bar fan. So when Fit Approach asked for volunteers to review the Vega Bars, I was all over that! 

Bars are so awesome, and especially the Vega Bars, as they're made as a meal replacement and are a plant-based option. There are a few different types- Sport Bar, Meal Bar, and the Snack bar. They are all made of clean, delicious ingredients and work perfectly for any meal of the day, specifically when you are in a rush and short on time.

This is how I ate most of mine :) The bars are perfect for me as a teacher! They can be eaten quickly (although I especially tried to savor the chocolate mint bar) in between classes, or during class, and fit nicely in my lunchbox, as shown above!

The Sports Bars are made as an energy fueler either before, during, or after working out, and while I normally didn't eat them during those times (I ate almost all of them for my second meal of the day around 8:30 AM in class) they definitely filled me up and carried me to my next meal, giving me an energy boost while corralling my 8th graders :)

Vega Sport Protein Bar

The Snack Bars are a mid-day muncher food. While I did like these, I must admit I was partial to the Sports Bars. I prefer my bars to be covered in chocolate and smooth, if that makes sense? 

Vega Snack Bar

The snack bars are almost a granola-type bar! Even though I preferred the Sports Bars, all of them were so good, and I really love how healthy and clean they are. Whichever bar you choose, you can feel good about putting such great ingredients in your body!

Thanks to Sweat Pink and Vega One for giving me the opportunity to view these bars. I loved them and can't wait to take some on my trip this weekend!

*While I was given this product to review, all opinions are of course my own.

What's your favorite kind of bar?


  1. I like vega bars but I tend not to buy bars as much as I can. Fortunately I work for a snack ball company so I can just steal theirs lol ;)

  2. I've never tried Vega Bars before! I don't really buy a lot of bars but I do like KIND bars and Skinnygirl Daily bars.

  3. Interesting to hear that you liked Vega bars! I like Vega creator's Brendan Brazier's concepts and ideas, but for some reason I haven't liked the Vega products I've tried taste-wise. Not a fan of their recovery accelerator haha but maybe I'll like their bars!
    -- Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

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