DIY: Sugar Scrub

Hey pretty ladies! Thank you for all your love on the DIY at home yoga retreat! It was a delicious day and honestly, I felt after everything that's been going on, I kind of deserved it.

The nicest part of the day (besides the yoga, duh) was the pampering! I wanted to share a few of the recipes that I used to make the different "spa" treatments I made for myself :) And even though I enjoyed using all of them, my favorite was hands down the sugar scrub!

Have you guys ever used a sugar scrub before? I have bought them and actually had someone else make them, but this was my first time making one on my own. And it was fun! And disgustingly easy, even for me. I would never say I'm much of a DIY-er but I'm trying. And let's be real, my dog could probably make this it's so easy.

If you look up different recipes on Pinterest, well, it's kind of overwhelming. I looked for a fairly simple one that I couldn't screw up. I found a lot of elements that were used in most recipes and dialed it down to the essentials.

Simple Brown Sugar Scrub

1 cup brown sugar (for exfoliation and a warm scent)
1/2 cup olive oil (for smooth and shiny skin)
and 2 tbsp honey (for baby-soft skin)

Combine ingredients and mix. Store in a room-temperature spot; no need for refrigeration. Oil will settle, so when it's time to use, perhaps mix it first, if you wish!

Depending on how coarse you like yours, you can vary the amount of olive oil. Personally I like when it's kind of "wet" and the oil settles. I love the feeling of rubbing it on my arms and legs!

Have you ever made a sugar scrub before? Would you try it, or would you rather buy it?


  1. Ok seriously? This sounds too easy--I love it! I've never made one buuuuut that wouldn't be a bad idea.

  2. I see people making this scrub and then eating some as they scrub themselves! AHHH HA HA AH!