10 Things I Want To Do Before I Leave Tucson

Gahhhhhhhhh less than a week until my Spring Break and I can't wait! I seriously admire all of you people who aren't teachers....how you go long periods of time with no time off is beyond me. I live for SB still at 25 (almost 26!) years old :) This Spring Break, me and my friend Erin are going to stay in Tucson and try to cram in all of the things I want to do before I leave! Some of these include:

1) Hiking in Sabino Canyon (easy; we do this every weekend)

2) Dinner at Starr Pass Resort

3) Get a mac and cheese burger at Lindy's

4) Watch the sunset at Gates Pass

5) Check out the views at Mt. Lemmon

6) Ice cream at The Hub

7) Yoga at Yoga Oasis

8) Country dancing at The Wreck

9) Harry Potter Shots at Hotel Congress

10) Shop (OK window shop) at La Encantada

Bonus: A few things I haven't done yet but must do before I leave!

I have had quite a few people ask me why I don't just stay in Tucson if I want to be on the West Coast so bad, and I keep saying the same thing. That it just doesn't feel right for some reason. And I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's just not right. Except this weekend I finally figured out what was so wrong about it.

When I graduated high school, I went to WIU because my boyfriend and best friends were going there. I don't regret it for a second, but I didn't really choose it for me. I kind of just went along.
When I moved to Tucson, it was for Steven. I love this place so much but I never would have come out here if it wasn't for him. Again, I don't regret it for a single second, but, I didn't move here for me.
Staying in Tucson feels wrong, because it wasn't my choice. Whatever I do now, wherever I end up, needs to be my own choice. I need to choose it, if that makes sense! So although I love Tucson to tears, it just seems right to pick a new place on my own terms to begin my next chapter. I don't see it as running away but more running towards myself, this new version of me, alone, at 25, finally choosing for myself.

All that said, Tucson is my home right now. It is a perfect fit for this chapter of my life. Leaving is going to be the most bittersweet thing I've ever done. This place is so unique, so incredible, so loving and so home. Tucson, I will be back again soon! Until I move though, I will be soaking up every single sun-soaked inch of this city.

If you were moving, what is ONE thing you would HAVE to do before you left?


  1. Oh look at all the wonderful things. <3 And no, you're not running away. You moved there to be with your boyfriend; if you stayed, it'd be for yourself. Henceforth, you're moving for yourself.

    The best part is also the scariest part: You get to choose where you go. ;) It's exciting as all getout to me! I just got to leave my entire life in Texas to move to Chicago. There was nothing scary about it; everything felt right. You'll get that feeling, too. Let me know if you need anything at all, darling!

  2. I TOTALLY get your reasoning for wanting to make a choice for YOU. In fact I really respect you for it. I would love to join you for everything except #9 cause you know how I feel about HP ;)

  3. Two other things to consider doing before you leave: 1) The Pima Air and Space Museum, especially with a tour of the Boneyard. 2) Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. They are the top two places I take Tucson visitors.

  4. I was kind of wondering why you felt compelled to move but I didn't want to ask! :) I'm glad you are going somewhere because you want to make a choice!

    If I had to do one thing before leaving it would be dine at Eleven Madison Park restaurant or go to the Top of the Rock, which I haven't done yet. Ahh. I can't choose one!!

  5. Ohhhh what a great reason Paige! That totally makes sense. I'm so anxious for this next chapter of your life. I know anxious might not be your first choice of words but.... wherever you choose with be YOUR choice and there will be reason behind it and will most definitely be a good thing in time. Xoxoxo

  6. I am so excited! We are almost there!! Ice cream and burgers and outdoor activities are on the way :)

  7. You're handling this transition in your life so well <3 AND HARRY POTTER SHOTS?! gimme.