Yoga Pose of the Week: Wheel Pose

Hey beautifuls! Today I wanted to do another Yoga Pose of the Week tutorial. Today is steps to Wheel pose.

I'll be honest; even though I'm not amazing at this pose it is one of my favorites. I absolutely love the heart-opening feeling and the stretch in my back. This isn't surprising to me though, because I LOVE backbends! They're exhilarating and leave me with a natural high :)

So to get into wheel pose you have a few stepping stones.

 1) If you're still working on backbends, start with bridge. You have two variations of bridge! The first can be arms flat. Push your hips up to the sky as high as you can.

2) Once you're comfortable in that form of bridge, clasp your hands together underneath your back and roll onto the outer edge of your shoulders as far as you can go. Continue planting your feet into the ground and pushing your hips sky-high.

3) If you've mastered that and are comfortable, move into bridge prep. Your feet will remain firm on the ground and your hands will be flipped so your palms are flat on the ground as well. Place the crown of your head on the ground as well. Don't put too much weight or strain on your head; you could strain or pull your neck. You should just be resting your head lightly.

4) Once you are comfortable here, strengthen your arms and push all the way up. Try to breathe completely in this pose. Keep pushing your midsection as high as is comfortable.

5) Careful coming down! Gently lower all the way down. 

I definitely recommend stretching and doing a little light flow before practicing wheel pose. Your body should be nice and warmed up! A few on the ground poses to warm up your back are Updog, cobra, and sphinx.

I had some fun in my backyard yesterday taking pictures. I also took a video of the transition I have been working on lately! I got this transition from a Yogaglo session with Kathryn Budig (of course). It is flipping from rockstar to wild thing! I absolutely love this transition. It makes me feel beautiful and makes me focus hard on each movement.

Do you like backbends? Do you have a favorite variation of wheel pose?

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  1. I like back ends but I don't like to hold wheel pose for too long. I always feel a little bit uncomfortable in the pose and prefer to go up, take a few breaths and then come back down!