Spartan Up! + Lifestyle Accountability Show

Hello all! I am not thrilled to go back to work today (who is) but I AM excited for what I have to share with you! I'll share my weekend with you after this fun announcement :)

So, remember when I gave away that free entry to the Spartan Race? Well the awesome guys there offered to send me a copy of Spartan Up!, a new book by Spartan race owner Joe De Sena. Um right....like I would turn that down! 

The book will be released May 17. Here's a little information on the book:

Spartan Up! is more than an insider’s view of the world of obstacle racing

                                It’s a manual for the Spartan way of life, including:

  • Finding the will to succeed: The first half of a race you run with your legs; the second half you run with your mind. Turn your pain into an outboard motor to drive you forward.
  • Tossing your cookies: The Cookie Test can teach you how to overcome the need for immediate gratification and help you prosper in the long term.
  • Getting Spartan fit: Survival of the Fittest means training outside the gym for strength, endurance and flexibility for your entire body—and don’t forget those burpees!
  • Moving mountains: Whether metaphorical mountains or the ones on which Spartans race, what you think of as your limitations can actually be a mere starting point for transformation.
It's really neat that this book will be venturing out from just information about the race and company ,and talking about how to apply the rigor, training, and focus that you use in the race to your life. I can't wait to get a copy of it and share it with you guys!

You can get more information about the book and pre-order it here!! I think it's going to just be an awesome guide and informational book with tips that people living a healthy lifestyle will be able to use every day. 

Here are a few pictures from my weekend! I won't bore you with the details...I didn't do much, but what I did do was fun.

Lots of hiking, yoga, and laying around with Rodney. Also meal prepped some spaghetti squash and got a little heavy-handed with the delicious, fresh Parmesan I bought at Trader Joe's....oh well!

Oh, I am SO EXCITED to be featured on the Lifestyle Accountability Show today with Adam and Devon! They interviewed me on how I stay healthy and fit while trying to juggle 65 students on a daily basis :) You can check out the interview here.

My last tidbit for the day- please send me all the happy and good luck vibes you can today! I can't wait to share with you guys what is going on in my life, but unfortunately today is not the day. However, today is a HUGE day for me in determining my future so if you can send me prayers, love, guidance and happy thoughts I would appreciate it :)

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Love all the yoga pics! I had planned on getting a yoga session in this weekend but it didn't wind up happening.. I'll probably squeeze in some early AM yoga a few mornings this week! - Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

  2. Love the sound of that book! And the spaghetti squash looks delish. I always seem to go overboard with the cheese, you can never have too much! ;)

    1. me too I can't wait to get it! I love spaghetti squash it's so easy to prep.

  3. Way to go on the interview!!! and your yoga poses are phenomenal like usual- sending you mental prayers and love today! Good luck!

  4. I wish you the absolute best of luck with whatever is going on with your life!! I hope you succeed and get everything you desire.

    Also, congrats on the interview! I checked it out and it was very cool!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait for things to fall into place so that I can share :)

  5. Definitely sending prayers your way! I always am so excited to see your yoga poses, by the way :)