7 Ways To Love Yourself This February

As I told you at the beginning of the year, I am working on #12months12changes! Instead of focusing on big New Year's Resolutions, I am working on one small thing each month. January was no alcohol month, and I give it a 100%, flying with colors, success. February is LOVE month, of course.

In my 12 changes post I talk about showing love in general, and that is definitely going to hold true, but I am also going to focus on loving myself. As humans, and women, we sometimes have a tendency to beat ourselves up. We get down on our looks, our performance, our (lack of) dedication, motivation, friendships, relationships, etc. Not that guys don't do that too, but I think it's very apparent with females. This month I want to focus on loving myself! And I think you should too :) 

Have you guys heard of Gala Darling? (Yes that's her legal name....now).  She is a blogger from New Zealand who is living in New York City who describes her job as an "international playgirl". She writes a blog, takes TONS of pictures, many cataloging her outfits, and holds workshops and talks about blogging and something she calls "radical self-love". Some of her stuff is a littttttle hard to swallow (where do I apply to be an international playgirl? Best non-real job ever..) but her radical self love project is seriously awesome and is something I really like to read about on her blog

She preaches, writes about, and speaks on how to love yourself more, and how to use your inner light that you get from that love to affect the people and your world around you. It's legit. You can check out her stuff here...she's written essays about it, done podcasts and given numerous presentations. If you have a little extra cash you can also sign up for her emails to get more information. Basically, the premise is awesome. How can we love ourselves more? What do we do with that love, not only for ourselves but for people we love? I really encourage you to check it out. Was it Audrey Hepburn that said "Happy girls are the prettiest?" (maybe that wasn't even really her but I think I've seen it floating around). Whoever said it is RIGHT. Loving yourself lets all of your light and optimism shine through and makes you a happier, more beautiful person, inside and out.  

Here are some ways you can love yourself this February, single or not!

1. Go to bed early/Wake up early

Sleeping in is pretty awesome. Really, it is. But getting a good amount of sleep and waking up early really sets the tone for your day! By waking up early you can get more accomplished. Also, getting too much sleep can be just as bad as not getting enough. Feeling really loving? Get your workout in early too! Again, sets the tone for your day to be productive, healthy, and happy :)

2. Pamper yourself (just a bit)

Ah, pampering. I just love even the sound of that word! Spending a ton of money you don't have isn't what I'm saying here! Go get a mani/pedi (check Groupon for deals- they always have good ones!), splurge on a massage, spend the $20 on that hot yoga class just once. These pampering activities are a nice way to treat yourself just a little bit without going overboard; something that will put a smile on your face. Also, these to me are pampering things, not every day/week/month things. They hold a more special feeling when you make them pampering and not regular. 

3. Get up and move!

Exercise, no matter how small, is good for you. It gives you endorphins. Endorhpins make you happy! (Happy people don't kill people-name that movie). Seriously though, go on a walk around the block. Stretch for ten minutes. Pretty much every day when I get home from work I want soooo badly to just lay on the couch, but getting up and moving even a little bit will boost your energy and make you feel better inside and out. It's proven to work, people!

4. Make health a priority

Really pay attention to what you're putting in your body. Everyone loves a little indulgence now and then, absolutely, but again, making health (exercise, healthy eating, etc.) a priority will make you feel better, look better, and radiate happiness. This doesn't mean every single thing you eat has to be the healthiest superfood. But can you swap out one meal a day with a salad? Can you drink at least 3 glasses of water a day? Can you switch from white bread to wheat bread? Little  changes like this can make a HUGE difference. For more healthy swaps that can make life healthier you can check here :) 

5. Give yourself a compliment

No, but seriously. Say it out loud. In the mirror. Or write it down, somewhere where you will see it. If you want, just start with one little thing. Something that you love about yourself, something you are good at, whatever. Say it to yourself as many times as you want. Remind yourself. Constantly. Remind others. This is a physical and verbal expression of self love! 

6. Do something good for someone else

Loving others is just an extension of loving yourself. Putting positive energy and love into your life should work with you and all the people around you! Also, let's be honest, doing something nice for someone else makes us feel better too, so it's a win-win.

7. Get dressed up

For yourself! Maybe for work, or just at home around the house. Straighten/curl your hair, put on an extra nice outfit, do your makeup! Sometimes it's easy to get into a habit of putting on our sweats and flopping on the couch (this is me every day after work fyi) but sometimes getting dressed up can put a smile on our face and make us feel like our beauty on the outside matches the insides :) And maybe it isn't even your best dress that makes you feel most beautiful! Maybe it's a cute bikini, or a great fitting pair of jeans, or a lovely nightgown :) Something that makes you feel beautiful that you don't wear every day!

Hopefully some of these things feel doable to you. I think we can all use a little extra self love...it's important to living a healthy, happy life. If you love yourself, everything else can just sort of seem to fall into place. It isn't easy sometimes but it's so important. Have a great day! You are wonderful; remember that!

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  1. Oh my gooses, I <3 this! I always enjoy new ways to identify and promote self-love. This gives me several ideas. :) Thanks!

    1. Yayy! Good glad I could give you a few ideas :)

  2. Great post! I think getting dressed up is a great point, it makes you feel so good about yourself! I spend most of my days in lounge clothes so definitely something I need to do more often :)

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    1. I agree..getting dressed up just puts a pep in my step. Especially wearing lipstick....kicks it up a notch for me.

  3. Love this! So true that we need to love ourselves more! That Gala Darling sounds crazy. I tried to check her out but couldn't get onto her site. You have some great self-love tips here!

    1. She is kind of crazy haha....her self love stuff is awesome though. You should definitely check it out!

  4. All of these things really do help you feel great about yourself. Good list! Pampering yourself really is important. It's crazy how getting a manicure can make me feel like a different person. Exercising is the one thing that makes me love myself the most out of all of these. I love getting in a good workout every morning and having a lot of energy and positive attitude for the rest of the day!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

    1. I completely agree Ashley! Getting in a good workout makes me feel awesome inside and out.

  5. I really, really needed this today. Thank you so much Paige - you hit the nail on the head and guess who will be doing some yoga tomorrow morning? :)

  6. I love this! Such great ideas. Everyone needs to fall back in love with themselves every once in a while!

  7. Such a great post and great idea! I love talking about self love! We all need to focus on how awesome we are and stop focusing on the imperfections. I workout and eat healthy because I love myself not because I "need" to. I enjoy taking care of myself! Great post, and I'll have to check out Gala.