MIMM + Weekly Goals

Last week of school before Christmas break and I just couldn't be more excited!! I am so ready for this time off and I am so ready for Christmas! This is one of the times of year that I really reflect on how lucky I am to have the job that I have. Not everyone gets two weeks off and gets to go on two vacations (SD and Illinois to see my family). I am beyond thrilled.

Time for another Marvelous In My Monday! Lots of good stuff going on this weekend :)

We had girls night out Friday! Went to a new beer bar (I guess that's what you call it...?) World of Beer and had a fantastic time! 

We made friends with the singer men at the bar....we were very vocal fans!

This weekend was the Street Fair in Tucson. They close down 4th Avenue and toooooons of vendors set up. Lots of food, clothes, artwork, and pretty much anything you could imagine. The photos below are of a snowboard and a picture of the Chicago skyline that were hand inked and when you get close enough you can see the words and messages in the artwork. They were so awesome.

Also at the Street Fair...prickly pear lemonade! Prickly pear juice, water, and chia seeds. It was so delicious!

Weirdo mounted pillow animal heads at a shop downtown....

I found the style hat that I've been looking for to complete my transformation into becoming a witch of American Horror Story coven :) I didn't buy it because I didn't like the straw-like fabric but I thought it looked just perfect!

A little chatarunga and plank practice Friday after work.

My work uniform Friday. Weather is starting to heat back up so the boots sat to the side the last few days! high of 80 this week :) 

Friday happy hour with my loves at Penca!! This Rose Sangria was absolutely delicious and necessary.

As were these last minute fish tacos. A little too heavy on the onion but overall pretty good.

I'm sorry, have you ever seen a cuter dog in your life?!? I didn't think so. My awesome parents sent this for Rodney and I just can't get over the stinking cuteness. 

It even has a hole in the top for a leash so I paraded him around the neighborhood like the proud mother I am.

Bath and Body Works' candles are on sale for 8 DOLLARS. EIGHT DOLLARS. I mean really? We picked up 8 candles...4 for us and 4 for assorted family members. 

The breakfast below was from Saturday morning. I luckily got lots of friend time this weekend and my lovely friend Sadia is a fantastic cook. She made us breakfast the past two mornings...eggs over easy on sauteed spinach with fruit. Perfection.

So I cleared out Trader Joe's' candy selection, along with anything chocolate/mint. I baked this loaf yesterday and I can't stop eating it IT'S SOOOOO DELICIOUS!!! I just mixed the mix with two eggs and 1/3 cup applesauce!

Other noteworthy weekend highlights: Watching Pitch Perfect 3 times with my friends...it's fine; seeing The Hobbit at IMAX with Steven Friday (3D was weird but the movie was awesome, kickass ending); napping both days, singing so loudly at World of Beer Friday a group of older women were giving us horrible looks and pointing at us; wrapping presents, finding out we're going to a wedding in Hawaii (not for another year but still!!!); packing my bags for San Diego, and I'm sure many more. It was a great weekend, truly.

This week I'm looking at this workout schedule:

Sunday: OFF
Monday: Light yoga
Tuesday: Arms and abs
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Light yoga
Friday: OFF (driving to SD)
Saturday: Morning yoga in La Jolla on the beach

I'm hoping my leg cooperates so we will see! My eating is looking pretty normal. Lots of tea, salads, baked sweet potatoes, eggs, fruit, peanut butter, and chicken :)

How was your weekend? Do you have any great plans for Christmas?


  1. Morning yoga on the beach! Sounds glorious :) That is on my bucket list to do in Vancouver! Christmas plans... my birthday is actually on Thursday so doing some celebrating for that! Heading out of a town on a small road trip to visit some friends and then family stuff for Christmas :)

    1. I'm so excited! Sounds like you have a lot of fun times coming up....the holidays are the best!

  2. I want the prickly pear juice!!!

    I'll be in Minnesota freezing my butt off for Christmas. Please think of me and hope I don't die of hypothermia haha

    1. It was so delicious! And you poor thing...this is the worst time to go to Minnesota!! Stay warm :)

  3. Mmm sangria! I would love to try some prickly pear juice too! I should go to La Jolla - so close yet I hardly ever go!

    1. Yes both were sooooo good! La Jolla is one of my favorite places ever....so beautiful.

  4. I'm obsesssssed with your dogs Christmas outfit hahah when I saw it on Instagram I just died. Also, yes you are a lucky butt for getting two weeks off at Christmas--enjoy that time!!

    1. Hahahhaha YES you know what I am too! It's so adorable. I will!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't get over his little Santa suit... so freaking adorable!

    Last weekend I flew to the East coast to spend a couple of weeks with my family and friends, so I've been having fun spending time and catching up with everyone. Got to meet my new nephew today! Lots of great plans while being in my hometown for the holidays that I'm looking forward to :)

    - Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

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