The Joke's On Me (and WIAW)

Well hello, Wednesday friends. I've got a good one for you today! Seriously, it's a zinger.

My boyfriend has bursitis in his elbow and pulled cartilage in his ribs. He's been in significant pain for a long time but refuses to take time off. I've talked to him about this so many times that I can't even count. He plays wheelchair rugby and works out on his off days so he's very active. I've been on his ass for months about taking a break and giving his body a rest! How can your body heal if you don't rest? Paige says. It's better to take time off than to make the injury worse, Paige repeats. Well, the joke's on me now, because I definitely have hamstring tendinitis and I'M GOING CRAZY.

My leg has improved significantly in the last week and the pain is nowhere near what it was this time last Wednesday. It's more just a nuisance now than actual pain, but it's still twinging. I thought today I'd get back with some light exercise and a little yoga. Instead, my friends came over for dinner and I figured OK sure another day to rest and heal. 

Well my leg is still bothering me and I figured maybe I should do a little research. Based on what the coach at our school said and what I found online, I 100% have hamstring tendinitis. So now I need to take time off. And it's SOOOOOO hard to force myself to relax :(

I haven't worked out for a week. A WEEK. No activity. This is what is recommended and I seriously can't stand it. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, icing, heating, anti-inflammatory medicine, elevating my leg, and resting. But seriously I need some activity. I feel like a fat slob. I mean, I know realistically I'm not, but come on. A week of nothing is not normal for me and I don't want it to be normal. I'm so jealous of all my blog friends I see with their workouts and their yoga and I'm ready to rip my hair out.

I know that I'm doing the right thing by not pushing it but I honestly figured I'd be back to working out by now...I didn't think it was that serious. And it's definitely not the worst injury in the world, or the longest. But it does look like I'll be benched at least a few more weeks, which SUCKS.

OK I'm done complaining for now :) Side note, I got the Cody app and I guess I won't be putting many workouts in immediately but I'm trying to figure out how to work it. If you have the app add me! I'm under Paige Podbelsek. And I promise I'll have workouts to add ASAP :)

Here's my WIAW. This is a typical school day for me! The pictures aren't the best but you get the gist.

Balance Bar


Mini bell peppers

PB&Honey with apple slices

PB&J Muffins

I usually have a salad and sweet potato for lunch and then nosh on some other stuff when I get home.

My girlfriends came over last night for another Gwenyth Paltrow "It's All Good" cooking night and it was DELICIOUS. So flavorful and yum and healthy. Also, my first time eating eggplant!

Sad fish faces :( Totally skeeved me out.

It was just a lovely night!!

Any advice on hamstring tendinitis?

I'm thinking I may be able to do some core work and arm weights so I might try that out tomorrow. Send good thoughts my way please :) See you all tomorrow with a healthy lasagna recipe!!


  1. Ohhhh no!! I'm sorry about your injury. Take it from me---not working out sucks. Seriously it does. HOWEVER, it allows you to be more conscious about what you eat and you'll get used to it. I don't know how long it takes for hamstring injuries to heal but hopefully not long !

  2. ohh tendinitis is a tough one because it's just inflammation that needs to let go. the best thing is usually ice, lots of anti-inflammatory foods...not fun. sorry!!

  3. I know you're not going to want to hear this, but it's only been 1 week! And in the grand scheme of things, that is nothing. I'm at 2 months off and surprisingly I feel good. Remember that you workout to keep your body healthy and in shape and the same applies to giving your body the rest it needs. But I feel ya! It's a pain in the butt.

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry you are injured! I've never heard of hamstring tendinitis but I'm sure you are doing the right thing taking time off. If you are really going crazy you could try doing things that maybe are not super active but still fall into the workout category like some ab work or sitting arm work. Or you could work on meditating to help with the mind/body connection in your yoga classes. I know it's not the same but when I fractured my elbow, I found that doing something made me feel better than doing nothing at all!

  5. I LOVE balance bars!! So tasty, macro friendly and easy!! Those fish scare me!! eek!! :)
    Hope your hamstring feels better soon!