Holiday Gift Guide For Your Fit Friend

Hey guys! Tuesday is here, which is my  Friday this week :) Last day of work before Thanksgiving break! I'm so excited and grateful I get Wednesday off.

Today I have a few gift ideas for you for your fitness loving friends! This year I'm trying not to wait until the last minute to do all of my holiday shopping...which is what usually happens. I wanted to come up with a few ideas for my friends who have similar interests to me and thought that we all could use a few more gift ideas.

Any of these gifts would be perfect for someone in your life who enjoys fitness! And there are so many other great guides out there right now. I got on Bloglovin this afternoon and saw Gina at The Fitnessista had done the same thing and we actually have a couple of the same items on our lists :) Check hers out here

So my leg....yeah it freaking hurts. It was kind of feeling better for a few days and yesterday at school I stood up at one point and couldn't put weight on it at all...my kids have been passing papers out and collecting books for me because it hurts so bad. When I got home it didn't get any better....worse if anything. It feels so incredibly tight that I can barely walk on it. I'm trying to not get too down about it but it's starting to really bother me. I mentioned to Steven that maybe I should go to a doctor to see how bad it is but he said that they can't see tendons on Xrays so a doctor wouldn't be able to tell me anything I don't already know? Not sure how true that is but I'm thinking I'll give it another week or so and if it's still this unbearable I"ll at least go in and see what they have to say. Send positive thoughts my way!!

What fitness item would you love to see under the tree this year? Are you an early shopper or a procrastinator like me?


  1. Yay for holiday gift guides! :) I think you should see a doctor. They may be able to give you some treatment options to help you heal faster. It can't hurt!

  2. I'll take that hunger games shirt and some gloves !

  3. Wow these all look like wonderful gifts....for myself hahah Enjoy your holiday!