Marvelous Staycation Fun!!

Heyyyyyy people! I'm not thrilled to be back at work but this weekend was so great that maybe that happiness and wonderfulness will take me through the work day? I'm going with yes! This weekend we celebrated Sadia's birthday with dinner and drinks Friday and a staycation day at the JW Marriot Resort on Saturday, which was HEAVEN. So here we go! Thanks Katie for hosting :)

Marvelous is....

A weekend with my beautiful friends!

These two are the reason I've been so happy and positive lately!! I am so grateful for their friendship.

Staycations!! The Marriott was BEAUTIFUL and we were just so happy all Saturday/Sunday in this wonderful place.

The food was absolutely fantastic and I'll be putting on what I had for Wednesday's WIAW.

This little man 

I boarded Rodney for the first time which I was pretty terrified about but he had a blast! He got to play with other little pups the whole time and he was exhausted and happy when I picked him up. I was so glad he was a good boy and I was a proud dog-mom when I picked him up and they told me that he was a sweetheart and they didn't want me to take him home!

School pictures! I actually like mine this year...a first.

As you can see, it was a weekend for the books! Watching the sun set from our little sofas next to the fireplace outside at the resort, while sipping on a kick ass cocktail, I kind of thought a little bit about where I'm at right now. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the US, have an incredible boyfriend, dog, friends, a career that I enjoy and that gives me time to enjoy other things in life, great family (although too far away), and am healthy, active, and happy. I never saw myself here, in this exact place at this exact moment. I never saw myself in Arizona, living with a guy like Steven, with a DOG as a pet!, teaching kids in a Title I school (my 21 year old self would be scared to death to teach where I'm at; my 25 year old self now sees it as a challenge and a blessing and completely not scary at all), doing yoga and lifting weights and going off roading and sitting by the pool in the mountains, relaxed, outgoing, peaceful, happy. I just didn't know that THIS was me. That this is Paige, and this is my life. I didn't know I was this person...and I'm so happy and grateful. I'm so lucky. I know this is a little sappy but seriously, it was eye opening to just think about the person I am right now and where I am at in life. It is so unexpected but so wonderful. I always thought that I had my life planned out and I was SOOO off course! Now I just wonder where I'll be and who I'll be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now. 

Hopefully you are all insightful and sapped up and sentimental now :) I'll leave you on that note. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow I show you how to make delicious fall crock pot oats and you die of happiness/yumminess.


  1. I LOVE your hair... it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw!

  2. It's so cool to think about where we were and how much growth me made. And then to wonder what the future has to offer! I love staycations. I've never been to the JW Marriott in Tuscon but my parents own a timeshare at the one in scottsdale and it is absolutely fabulous! Ah how I wish I could be there right now!

    1. Yes so much growth!! Scottsdale is SO beautiful...anywhere you stay there would be gorgeous! The next time you're in Scottsdale you let me know and I'll come see you!!

  3. I love the perspective you have from this weekend! Also the dress you wore with your friends is gorgeous and I love the necklace in your school photo. Yay for staycations! So much fun!

  4. Paige- you are beautiful. I am in love with your style. Come be my personal stylist, please!! :)

  5. your photos are beautiful!! love your hair!! :)
    my brother lived in Scottsdale while he went to school and when I visited him I totally fell in love! Such a super cool place!!!
    P.S. LOVE your perspective on life! Sometimes it ends up looking anything like what we imagined-- and that's the very best!!