Vanilla Chai Latte

Happy Friday!! Finally, friends, the weekend is here :)

So I guess I'm late on the boat of...life...and just had my first chai latte last week. I don't drink tea or coffee so when my friends and I went to a coffee house two Sundays ago after yoga I just got a glass of almond milk. My friend had a chai latte and I had a taste of it and immediately loved it! Last Sunday after yoga I ordered my own and nowwww I'm kind of hooked. 

After yoga we went to Lululemon and Anthropologie for a girl's day of shopping (or looking, in my poor case). In Anthro I picked up this adorable mug and new that I was starting an new morning tradition.

I went to the grovery store to pick up a couple of boxes of these: 

and when I got home I immediately tried to make my own. Now I've made one every morning and enjoyed it in my cutesy mug and it's just a nice start to the day :)

Vanilla Chai Latte
1 bag of chai tea
8 oz boiling water
1/2 tbsp Stevia
Splash of almond milk
Sprinkle of vanilla protein powder

Boil the water on the stove. Steep teabag for 5 minutes. Add ingredients in a mason jar with ice cubes to make it an iced latte! 

A super yummy way to start off the day. The only thing I'm trying to tweak about this is that the spice flavor isn't as strong as the drink I had at the coffee house. I'm guessing I need to use a black tea bag and add the spices for real instead of just using a chai teabag. That's my next project! Still so delicious!

What are you doing for activity today? Are your meals healthy today? If your'e struggling or feeling behind, just remember:

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Happy Friday and happy early weekend!!!


  1. I love Chai lattes! So good. I used to always order them but I haven't in awhile so I need to get on that. Have a great weekend!

  2. Never would have thought to add protein powder to a homemade chai latte! Love it. I don't order them at Starbucks since they're pretty high in sugar but making your own is a definite solution.

    Also just saw my badge on your sidebar. You are too sweet ;)

    1. I put protein in everything haha. You're one of my favorite blogs so I figured I should put it up!! :)

  3. Chai is the bomb! I looooove it! I tend to do without, as most coffeeshops load 'em with sugar, but this one looks delicious and good for me!! :)