Sunday Meal Prep

Get up and move today! 

Work starts tomorrow which means I am officially back on my meal prep and scheduling. It's a love/hate relationship! Today I will be prepping these things for the week:

Protein Pancakes for breakfast (I'll make batches in 3s and pop them in the freezer, microwaving in the mornings)
Turkey Muffins
Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Fresh Juice
This Salad Beast

Ready to get back to scheduling out every second of my day! I'm a person that needs a schedule :)

In the interest of being honest, I need to tell you all that I did something yesterday that was the most amazing 15 minutes of my life...I ate a Big Mac. And fries. And a Diet Coke. YUMMMM. About 3 times a year I just get this horrible craving for a Big Mac. It usually involves me being hungover. I woke up yesterday and knew that it was one of those days. I didn't really even hesitate. I tried to feel guilty about it but just couldn't. I never eat fast food so a couple of times a year eating a Big Mac is just what I NEED, ya know? It was delicious :)

Here's a perfect little quote that James Wilson actually posted yesterday on his Fbook fan page and I felt like he knew what I was doing and was talking just to me:

"While I feel it is very important to strive to eat quality foods, I also think it is unrealistic to expect that we won't have off meals or "cheats" from time to time. I've seen extremes where people say they will never have ice cream or pizza again because it is bad, and though there are better choices, I don't know if that mindset is right either.

If we change the mindset from "never because it's bad" to, "I can, but not right now" I feel we will have a much better relationship with our foods. 

If you were to take a kids halloween candy and pull out all the licorice, then tell them they can have any piece but the licorice, guess what they will want and crave the most? The licorice. Saying we can't have it may lead to a further desire for it and then indulgence and guilt may follow.

If you know you can have it, if you want, then that desire isn't as strong and you are more likely to consume in moderation or skip it altogether."

So perfect and I agree. I just needed that burger, man. Anyway, have a great Sunday! Today ends my first week of my NASM class...it's going to be tough but I'm excited that I'm finally started and on my way to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer! Happy Sunday!


PS do you like my adorable new signature???!! Because I'm pretty much in love with it :) Thanks to White Rabbit Designs for being awesome to work with and putting together the perfect little design for me!

PPS I finally got my Fbook page ready and up! I think it's easier for people to just "like" something on Fbook as opposed to committing to creating a Bloglovin account or Google+ account, which are two popular options for following blogs. You can check it out here. Thanks for any and all support!


  1. #1: The signature is adorable
    #2: I can't wait to try those peanut butter protein balls!
    #3: Mmmmmm big mac... sometimes you just get a craving :o) all things in moderation

    1. Thanks :) The PB balls are soooo delicious....I couldn't live with them. Or Big Macs. Big Macs are God's greatest creation.