MMIM #2 and Sunday Preps

Well...this weekend just flew by WAY too fast. I mean seriously. Where did it go?!?! I'm so not prepared to go back to school tomorrow :) 

It's time for another Marvelous In My Monday, a moment where I can take time to be thankful for a  few things in my life. Hosted by Katie at Healthy Diva Eats!!

Marvelous In My Monday Is...

1) This beautiful floral Modcloth dress! It's absolutely one of my favorites. I wore it on the kids' first day back. I don't like cap sleeves but this dress is the ultimate exception...the flower print and coral/turquoise colors seriously just put me in the best mood....I like wearing really feminine dresses!

2) FRO-YO!!! Steven and I went to U-Swirl yesterday and it was so good. I got Birthday Cake and Cake Batter fro-yo with cookie dough bites, yogurt chips and Reese's cups as toppings. Pretty perfect.

3) This Complete Cookie from Whole Foods...so many sweets yesterday....I went to buy for my first Foodie Pen Pal and had to snag this for myself.

4) Two little weiners (card courtesy of my awesome parents).

5) The perfect sunset to close out the weekend. I was sitting down so you can't exactly tell that well, but the whole sky was pink and orange. 

Even though it went by fast it was a good one. I also spent Sunday night making some meal preps for the week! This week I will be munching on:

This week I also owe a few posts that I was supposed to do that didn't happen...2 workouts and buffalo turkey meatballs! I intend to do things and then I just get so busy.....I apologize and am hoping that now that I'm back in the swing of things with school my schedule will settle a little and I will deliver! Happy Monday...make it a good one!!



  1. Just found your blog today and have to say, I love it! Your weekend sounds fabulous; cute dress, relaxing, and good food :)

    Have a happy Monday

  2. I love modcloth!! I go on that site daily! Such fun and unique things on there, love the dress! You look so pretty in it!

    YAY for froyo! You saw on my post today that I got some this past weekend too ;)

    1. Yes I did see your froyo.....I can't get enough of that stuff! And yes obsessed with Modcloth...they're the reason I'm so broke :)