15 Minute HIIT Workout

Happy Saturday! I'm glad it's the weekend, even though I've been in weekend mode for awhile, especially since Steven has been home from work all week. Still, it's nice to have an extra couple of days to spend together. 

I couldn't make it to the gym Thursday, so I did a 15 minute HIIT workout in my living room. Set the interval app for 15 sets of 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off! All you need for this workout is a jump rope and a few weights. A sandbag isn't necessary, you can use dumbbells for all of the weighted exercises, but I love using my sandbag!

This workout is an all-over body workout, with a special focus on your core. Pretty much every move here requires your core to be engaged the entire time.

Set your timer and....GO!

1. Jump rope
2. Pull ups 
3. Criss cross jump rope
4. Row, leg lift and cross
5. High knees
6. Frog abs
7. Squats
8. Pile squats
9. Mountain climbers
10. Wood chop with weight
11. Skiers
12. Elevated push ups
13. Lunge and cross kick
14. V ups
15. Side ab crunch

Criss cross jump rope: Each time the rope crosses under your feet you lunge and hop to the next leg lunge
Row, leg lift and cross: In plank position, do a one arm row, bringing dumbbell upward. Lift one leg up in the air, still in plank position, then bring your knee in to your opposite elbow
Frog abs: Laying flat on your back, hold weight above your head so your body should be completely laid out. Bring legs up to sky, then lower halfway in frog form (feet touching, knees pointed out) and bring weight up to crunch in towards feet
Pile squats: Squats with toes pointed out, holding one weight in the middle 
Mountain climbers: Plank position, bring right knee in towards your chest, left knee, right knee, etc. quickly
Wood chop with weight: Start with weight on the floor on your right side. Pick weight up and twist body to the left, pushing weight to the sky. Switch to left side lifting up to the right
Skiers: Put rope, dumbbell, etc on ground and hop over quickly

If you have any other questions about an exercise feel free to ask or to Google/Youtube! I just wanted to put the ones up that I knew required a little more explanation. 

Enjoy your weekend :)

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