KlutchClub Review

We made it! It's Friday!!! Yesterday was my first day back for second-year teacher training. It went pretty well. I'm just not in "go" mode...we sat down to read 6 pages for bellwork and I did one of those things where you "read" it, like look at the words and flip the pages and get to the end and realize you have absolutely no idea what you just read :/

Anyway at lunch a HUGE monsoon rolled in, hail and all, and knocked out the plumbing and water at the school so we got to go home early :) Good times! I'm back today to finish training and then I will be enjoying one last week of absolute freedom.

Today I wanted to show you my KlutchClub box! OK this service is amazing. I think most people are familiar with Birchbox, or JustFab or ShoeDazzle. These are all services where you pay a minimal monthly fee and you get a package in the mail every month. With JustFab and ShoeDazzle you get a pair of shoes! With Birchbox you get a box of sample beauty products to try out. With Barkbox you get a box of treats and toys for your pup. You get the idea.

KlutchClub is similar to NatureBox, which was become pretty big. It's a box of monthly organic, raw, vegan snacks. Here is the informational statement on their page:

"KLUTCHclub is a new monthly subscription service that sends a hand-picked and “themed” box of holistic health, fitness and wellness products – organic protein bars, workout wear, skincare products, teas, etc. – right to your doorstep every month, making it a no brainer to incorporate healthier choices with ease. Members learn about new, niche brands and products that suit their lifestyles, and get access to exclusive deals and offers from companies that share their values. Each box is full of $50+ of products, but only costs subscribers around $17 apiece."
 I wasn't sure between the two which I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to go with one. Right now it's no big deal for me to heat up chicken and sweet potatoes at 10 am, but at school my eating becomes a little different because I have to have more "snack" items for meals 2 and 4 instead of actual meals like I am doing right now. I can't really stop class to go use the microwave or find an oven.

I wasn't sure about KlutchClub because I just found out about it via a little blurb on the Internet and had never really heard of it before. I had heard of NatureBox but I wanted to give this one a try and oh my goodness I'm hooked already. Let's peek in at what I got!

Here's the haul....

First up was a Nawgan drink. This is a clean energy drink. The label said to use it when you need concentration and focus. I actually drank most of it last night while prepping mine and Steven's meals for today and while I didn't really think it energized or focused me, it tasted pretty good.

PowerBar gel packs! I got Blueberry Banana and Apple Mango Strawberry. These are a pre-workout gel shot to pump you up! I will be trying one tomorrow.

Organic Flavrs is a mix to put in your water to switch up your drinks a little bit. I was really excited about this...I love flavored water...but when I looked at the nutritional info it said it was 15 grams of sugar in it! What?! After reading it I realized it was natural sugar from the fruit that the drink pack is made up of but 15 grams of sugar is a lot for a bottle of water. I'll definitely have to try this out on a good macro day where I have a little extra sugar to spare.

Raspberry Ketone supplements. One pill is one day's worth of fruits and vegetable servings.

Bean and Rice Chips! Can't wait to try these with some salsa and avacado.

An Earnest Eats bar in dark chocolate espresso.

And a Good soy Greek yogurt bar in Blueberry Bliss!

Here's everything together.

They also sent me wheatgrass seeds! This is hilarious since I just started incorporating this into my diet. Now instead of using the powder I can grow my own very easily.

Along with the food samples I got a ton of gift cards and an edition of Delight Gluten-Free magazine  Most notably, in this box I got a $25 gift card for Waves floatable sunglasses and a $75 gift card for Bistro MD, which is a service that makes clean meals for you by the week and delivers them to your door. There were also some random coupons and discounts.

I got over $125 worth of stuff in this box for $18! That's pretty awesome. 

Verdict? Amazing! I'll definitely be putting in a monthly subscription. I am so pleased with everything I got and what I have tried of the things they sent me is great so far. I definitely suggest subscribing to this. Also, the great thing about KlutchClub is that you can either buy a monthly subscription or you can just buy one month at a time. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow I am meeting with some TIU girls from Tucson which I'm REALLY excited about. Then Sunday I am going to a Florida Georgia Line concert! It's going to be a good one. 

What are you doing this weekend? Are you a subscriber to any monthly service? 


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  2. I've never subscribed to a monthly box since none of the good ones ship to Canada (well they do but for a ridiculous shipping price...). Would love to try one if it was worth my dime! Klutch Box looks awesome though!

    1. Ahhhhh too bad! This one is amazing I absolutely love it!

  3. I have heard of Klutch Klub, but never tried it. The goodies in this box look great! I tired Nature Box but wasn't a huge fan - we have food allergies and there was a bunch of stuff in the Nature Box that we couldn't have.

    1. It was fantastic! I wanted to try both and got my NatureBox in the mail today....after the KlutchClub box I was a little underwhelmed. I think I'm going to stick with KC!!