Homemade Wine Coolers

When my parents came to visit, they made a trip to the grocery store immediately. I had my mom pick up some wine... so that I could finally try a recipe I had seen at Fit Foodie Finds for homemade wine coolers. I had wanted to try them but it didn't seem like it would be as fun by myself with all that wine :) These turned out amaaaazingly delicious. The sherbert on top was my sister's idea and it completely MADE the drinks. 

Homemade Wine Coolers
Wine! (I used white)
Club soda or any sparkling water (flavored or non-flavored)
Fruit juice (I used a little oj and real pineapple juice, the stuff that comes in the can)
Fat free sherbert

Mix and enjoy :) We also switched it up a little bit and used Malibu coconut rum instead of wine which was delicious as well.

It's Friiiiiday! I'd say TGIF but every day is Friday while I'm on vacation. It's been fun but I'm about ready to be back on a schedule. Have a great weekend!!

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  1. This is very interesting, should try this. Wine coolers are useful in preserving the taste of a particular wine. Great! I can now have a great weekend :)